Saturday, October 4, 2014

Brenna's 4th Birthday in Neverland

(I know these are 7 months late.  Better late than never.)

Brenna decided she wanted a Peter Pan birthday.  I was apprehensive at first, but it turned out so awesome.  I'm so glad we pulled it off for her.  

 gift bags - Hook, Peter, Tiger Lily, and Think
 pat on the back for Jonathan for making this awesome sign (I did at least paint the words)
walking the plank 

 the food table was in a Neverland theme
the dessert table was in a pirate theme 
 B was so excited to have Jayla there - these two cousins are seriously best friends
creative Daddy 

 Guests signed the book for Brenna (and since I'm writing this in October - I can now tell you that I took this to Disney and Peter Pan himself signed it for Brenna!!)

 cupcake loving kid
 chocolate hook
 overwhelmed by gifts
fun piñata 

Brenna had so much fun with her friends and family.

And just like that, our baby turned 4.  The party was so much fun!

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