Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 Years Later

As we celebrated our 2 year anniversary and reflected on how our lives have changed since then, it was fun to notice that things just keep getting better! I know, how cliche! But, it was fun to see Brenna be with us on our anniversary (except our date, which was nice without her I must admit!) and know that God put us together to create her and be her parents was just really amazing. Life's cool that way.

Anyhow, I thought it'd be fun to reflect on where the people who stood by us in our wedding party are and how their lives have changed, too.

Mallory - maid of honor - She had just gotten engaged at our wedding and now she's married to Josh and (hopefully) going to get Brenna some cousins sometime soon!
Kelley - matron of honor - She had just had baby Sienna 3 weeks before our wedding, and now she's the mommy to FOUR! kiddos, including new twin boys Rhys and Owen, Sienna who's 2 now, and Kiran who will be 4 next month.
April - bridesmaid - She is now the mommy to London who is 9 months old (who makes LOTS of appearances on this blog as I'm sure you've noticed) and we've gotten to be even better, closer friends since the wedding.
Christy - bridesmaid - She was newly pregnant with Cara at our wedding (but kept it a secret from me until after the honeymoon) and now she's enjoying life with her almost 17 month old!
Ashley G. - bridesmaid - She graduated from law school and is living in Brooklyn. She also has a (serious?) boyfriend, believe it or not!
Lora - bridesmaid - She got engaged to Daniel and is still living in Haysi. I haven't seen her since our wedding. :(
Ashley N. - bridesmaid - She is working for the federal court system in Roanoke, Virginia and travels a lot. I haven't seen her since our wedding either I don't think. :(
Megan - jr. bridesmaid - She's going into 7th grade and is as cute as ever. We got to hang out with her at the beach 2 weeks ago.
Charisma - jr. bridesmaid - She's also going into 7th grade and is a super smart girl.
Kiran - flower girl - She's enjoying life as a big sister to 3 kiddos and will be 4 next month.

Brandan - best man - He's still living in Richmond and got a new job at Genworth Financial. He's loving being an uncle to Brenna!
Chuck - groomsman - He got married to Brandi and is finishing up their house in Woodlawn, VA.
Stephen - groomsman - He's teaching in Grayson County and coaching football there. He and Samantha are going to be awesome parents someday - hopefully soon!
Kevin - groomsman - He got married to Julianna and moved to Abingdon, VA. He graduated from NC State with a Master's in Statistics. Yep, smart.
Jeremy - He's loving life as the daddy to London, his mini-me. He's flipped a few more houses and started a website business.
Darin - He got married to Lyndsie and they live near Winston Salem, NC. No kiddos yet, but they love married life and their new house (with Lyndsie's horse!)
Luke - ring bearer - He became the big brother to Grayce and is one of the cutest, well-mannered kids I've ever met!

And there you have it. I just realized that more of them need to have kids so Brenna can have more playmates.


  1. This is a fun idea. I should do something like this. That's a lot that happened in 2 years, actually; the 6 years for us would look like a novel!

  2. I still love your color scheme! Fun wedding.

  3. Kelley - agreed! I do, too! :)

    Merritt - I kept it short, but there's really a lot more to say. My bridal party was awesome, and really good looking - don't ya think?


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