Saturday, August 28, 2010

Avocado = Brenna's First Food

For (almost) 6 months, I've given my baby girl all her nourishment. Actually, make that 15 months since I nourished her in my womb, too. And I plan to provide most of her nourishment for the next 6 months. But today, something other than my milk (and the little formula we had to use at the very beginning) went into Brenna's belly. And that something was an avocado.
We've been talking lately about when we would start Brenna on solid foods. I really want to make most of her baby foods, but never got around to making some and freezing it this summer. Anyhow, Jonathan said yesterday that he was ready to go ahead and start a little bit and I agreed. I told him to buy an avocado while he was at the store today. After I nursed her tonight about 6, we decided to give it a try. I was really nervous about it because it was such a big step. But, I started mushing anyway.
She was super interested in the spoon and immediately pulled it toward her mouth. She pulls EVERYTHING toward her mouth though, so we weren't surprised. She didn't react to the food much at first, but made a few funny faces later on. I don't think much actually went down her throat - most of it was on her hands, eyebrows, face, clothes, etc. But, it was a fun learning experience and a start to another fun adventure with our baby.....I mean our big girl. I know, I know, she's still a baby. But it's just hard to believe she's already eating some real food. I swear I just had her yesterday, didn't I? Happy and sad, all in one!

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  1. Welcome to solid food, Brenna! We love avocados at our house. Come eat some with us!


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