Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby Brenna

Our baby has a name! I guess you already figured that out by the title of the post. We've actually had her name picked out for quite awhile, but for some reason it was kind of fun to not really make a huge announcement. But, here it is anyway.

Sprout will be named Brenna Jane Halsey. We had quite a list of girl names, but we also had a lot of requirements for a name. Jonathan was adament that her name not end with a long e sound. Halsey is kind of a hard name to get to "flow" with names, so that with a little tricky. I have loved the name Brynlee forever, but as you can see, it breaks the long e rule. So I mentioned the name Brenna. My friend Kelley has a friend named Brenna, and I always thought that was a beautiful name. I never really realized how close it was to my favorite name, Brynlee, until we really started getting serious. It soon became one of our top 3. Our top 3 were Brenna, Ashlyn, and Hannah. Hannah got ousted after Jonathan remembered it was his coworker Tim's daughter's name. Also Hannah Halsey is a little sing-songy for our taste. So that left us with Brenna and Ashlyn. We kept going back to Brenna, so we knew that was it. It's beautiful and feminine and perfect for our little angel! Jane is my middle name, my mom's middle name, my cousin's middle name, my great aunt's middle name, and my great-grandma's middle name. We think it flows well with Brenna before it and Halsey after it. Brenna Jane Halsey. My daughter. I love it!

Jonathan googled "Brenna" to make sure nothing terrible came up. Here is what he got.

Pefect, right? I've found several meaning for the name "Brenna". It means sword, which means she'll be a fighter I'm sure. It is the feminine form of "Brennan" which means prince. So I'm going to say this makes Brenna mean princess. I've also read that it means raven or black-haired. Urbandictionary.com says it means "one who dances in cages". I don't think urbandictionary has any credibility.

So, it looks like come February (please not March!) we are going to have us a little dark-haired princess. However, Jonathan and I both had blonde hair at birth. We saw no hair on her 4D ultrasound. So I guess we'll find out!