Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun Day

Yesterday we were busy, busy! We woke up both babies and loaded up the car and headed to Charlotte. We left the kiddos with my cousin, aunt, and uncle and headed to Charlotte Motor Speedway to run in The Color Run. It was cold and windy, but still a good time. I'm still struggling to run long distances since having Davin, but Jonathan stuck with me and we ran a lot and walked pat of the hills. We weren't as colorful as I anticipated, but it was still fun. I'm hoping to do another next year!

We headed back and put Brenna down for a little nap. Then Jonathan dropped us girls (Sissy, Brenna, and me) off at the Renaissance Festival for a few hours. It was an absolute blast. 
Brenna and I rode a flying machine, we did a maze/slide combo, went to a petting zoo, saw belly dancers, got B's face painted, ate chocolate treats, listened to a storyteller while painting, saw a camel, made a candle, listened to musicians and saw dancers, and saw lots of other fun things! I had no idea it'd be so cool, and I'm already excited about going back next year.

B was fascinated with this girl....and wiped her slobbery hand all over her leg. Ewww!

We then picked up Davin and headed to Ikea. We got some great Christmas gifts (and no pictures), and Brenna loved the play area in the kid section.

We got home after 10:00 (after a potty accident 1/2 mile from home - boo!) and headed to bed. It was exhausting, but so awesome to spend all that time with family!

Friday, November 16, 2012

33Before33 - #14 - Potty!!!

My sweet little baby is now a sweet potty-trained, full-fledged toddler! It has been such a ridiculously smooth and easy process that I'm almost ashamed to admit it. We started on November 5 and here it is November 16 and we are pretty much accident free. Her last accident was on Sunday (five days ago) at church.

The first day (a Monday) was rough. I made sure to start on a day when Jonathan would be here all day. We had no successes that day and 3 accidents. The next day was better a success or two and less accidents. I think the first "#2" was on Wed. or Thursday night. Each day has just gradually gotten better. We stayed home until Saturday when we had an appointment for pictures. She stayed dry for pictures and the park afterward. We then decided to go eat Mexican food. I took her to the bathroom there, and although she was apprehensive at first, she sat right down and went. HUGE deal to me! She's only had one accident since then and that was at church where I think she was being her usual shy self and didn't want to tell me in front of people. She's done awesome this entire week, even when we've visited friends' homes and other public places. She is so proud of herself - with a big grin and "I'm peeing!" every time she goes. We are super proud of her, too.

I'm thankful she was ready this time and that it went so smoothly. When we tried after her second birthday when I was still pregnant, it was a disaster. She cried the whole time and she was miserable. I'm not sure if it was just all the life changes that were happening at the time, the ear infection she got on the 2nd day, or just her not being emotionally and/or physically ready. Regardless, I'm glad we stopped and revisited later. We still have to conquer our first road trip, but I'm not even too worried. So proud of my girl!

Monday, November 12, 2012

5 Months Old

Dear Davin,

You are five months old. It seems this month went by so fast! You are still a happy, smiley baby most of the time. People are automatically drawn to you, and everyone comments on how "chill" you are. I have to agree. You are just a big bundle of sweetness.

You are still growing bunches. Daddy and I tried to weigh you a couple days ago and came up with about 15 pounds, 4 ounces. You are mostly in 3-6 months clothes with a few 3m and 6m mixed in. You're long with chubby thighs and chubby cheeks. You love to put your feet up by your face....and in your mouth! You still wear size 2 disposables.....and I wonder if we'll ever go back to cloth diapers. You also must have big feet, because your size 2 shoes are almost too tight.

You nurse five times a day for about 15 minutes. You've had a couple short bouts of not wanting to eat well, but they don't usually last long. I think you had a growth spurt about a week ago because you were waking up in the middle of the night a LOT and eating. It was very uncharacteristic of you.  You typically sleep from about 10 PM - 8 or 9 AM, so you can see why middle of the night wake-ups were rough. On good, normal days you nap for 1.5 - 2 hours in the morning and another 2-3 hours in the afternoon. I'm especially thankful for the times when your nap coincides with your sister's. It's about time to transition out of your Rock n Play into a cradle or crib. You are also still swaddled, so I dread that transition as well.

You rolled over (belly to back) the morning of your four month well check - October 19. You rolled from back to belly a couple days later, and you've been rolling ever sense. When I put you on your playmat you almost always roll right to your belly, sometimes getting frustrated in the process. You can scoot your way around the mat to reach things to mess with. It's funny to see the way you entertain yourself. You've gotten your knees up under you a couple times, so I suspect you may be crawling by Christmas! You are also able to sit for very short periods of time, you usually topple forward, but sometimes you go backward or sideways. I've noticed a huge improvement in this are just this past week though, so you're close to being a full-fledged sitter!

You love to pull hair, play with your pull-toys and jumperoo, babble and "talk" to us, cackle at your sister's antics, give me big open-mouth kisses, sleep with your hands near your face for naps, suck your paci when you're sleepy, sit in your Bumbo and mess with anything within reach, and have your diaper changed. You tolerate bath time and despise having lotion put on. Your carseat usually makes you sleepy, and you just love attention from anyone.

We took a trip to Nana and Pa Bill's and spent a day in Christiansburg. We threw Daddy a surprise birthday party there and you got to meet a lot of our friends from back in VA. The next day we had you dedicated at Pine Mountain church. Nanie, Mal, Grandma Abel, and Brady came to celebrate with us. It was great to have our close family all together to celebrate YOU. I pray often that you'll grow to be strong in your faith in the Lord and do mighty things for Him. Your Daddy and I want great things for your life.

You are a blessing and the cutest little (almost) bald baby I've ever seen. Your smile is infectious and your laugh warms my heart. I adore spending my days with you and your sister, though I may want to pull my hair out every now and then. Some days aren't easy, but I wouldn't trade this time for all the sleep in the world, and I know these baby moments are passing too quickly!

Love you, sweet Spud!
Love, Mommy

playing with your feet

happy boy

not so happy boy

Say what??????

Sunday, November 4, 2012

33Before33 - #33 - Surprise!

I pulled off a big surprise last weekend! It was Jonathan's 31st birthday, and I really wanted to make it special for him. Last year I had planned a surprise party in North Carolina at our new house, but then closing fell through and we ended up moving on his birthday instead. We had already planned to be in Christiansburg on the Saturday before his birthday, so I took advantage of that to celebrate with our NRV friends.
My "white lie" got way out of control. J knew that I'd already talked to our neighbors, Will and Kate (no, not the royals) about hanging out and catching up, so I told him we were going to hit up Macados with them. Then I invited lots of other friends to gather at Macados before we got there. The timing worked out perfectly, minus the fact that I never told April and Jeremy that we definitely moved the location. Will and Kate couldn't join us, so J was confused about that. When he came in, I pointed him to the table, and he was confused because people were already at that table! We got to spend the evening with Pastor Randy, the Kinzers (Jonathan's childhood best friend), the Bashams (our BFFs), the Hedas (some friends from Blacksburg), and the Osters (my old coworker). We had an awesome time catching up, and the 6 kids (all under 4) had fun, too. Katie was sweet enough to bring a cake to top off the party!
On Sunday, we had Davin's baby dedication at Jonathan's home church. Afterwards both of our families went back to his parents' for lunch. There I gave him his second surprise. I had gotten emails and notes from family and friends with birthday wishes and memories they had with Jonathan. I got them from his family, my family, family friends, and even a few friends that I don't even know that well. Luckily his iPhone contacts imported into my phone! :). He had fun reading them and even teared up on a few.

singing happy birthday

eating cake

Jonathan and Chuck

Jonathan and Randy

Jackie and Little Man

Katie and Jaden

my sweet buddy

Kiran and Jaden


trying to get some bouncy balls out

true love

Osters and Halseys

Basham and Halsey clans

I can't tell you what an honor it is to be his wife. He loves his family passionately, and he takes being a husband and father very seriously. He works long hours to provide for us, and is understanding of my crazy ways. I never imagined I'd be in such an amazing marriage, and I'm grateful that God saw fit for us to go on this journey together. My kids have no idea yet how lucky they are, but they will one day.

List Recap

We completed (or partially completed) 30 of my 35 activities for October. Here's a quick rundown.

1. We tried handprint art on a canvas. Still need to finish it (a turkey). B got a little carried away so I'm going to have to get creative to salvage it.
2. We sent three happy mails. The post office guy was less than impressed, but our recipients likes them. More soon....are you next?
3. We went trick or treating at about three houses. Apparently our neighbors have gotten sour since last year.m then we went to the mall. Worst idea ever.
4. My random act of kindness was putting up random buggies at Target. We're doing many more in November.
5. We had family photos taken on Oct. 12. There were some good ones. We are doing more next weekend. No, we aren't crazy - just found an amazing deal on a mini session.
6. We carved a regular pumpkin and then carved another with Davin's handprints and footprints. Not easy.
7. Brenna got to color a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch with Sharpies. She got to paint one at church with her grandparents. Then she took a sharpie to the one we carved, too!
8. Brenna had her first S'more. She's a fan.
9. We watched The Great Pumpkin after trick or treating. Brenna didn't seem super impressed. It reminded me of watching it every year with my third graders.
10. We went to a local apple orchard and picked about a peck of Gold Rush apples.
11. ....which I used to make two crockpots full of applesauce, which I froze and made into baby food.
12. We got two 1/2 gallons of cider and drank on it for days. I did try to teach Brenna how to play Go Fish, but it was kind of a bust!
13. No kites. Too many power lines says my husband.
14. I let B paint my face one day. Hilarious. Plus she got her face painted at the apple festival I took her to.
15. She got to pet some chickens, a cow, and a pony at the pumpkin patch we went to.
16. We also had a picnic at the pumpkin patch with Lauren, Katlin, and Grandpa Halsey.
17. We didn't host a costume party, but we did attend one. And I got out my craftiness with some fun Halloween treats.
18. Brenna ADORES raking and jumping in leaves. Wayyy more fun this year than last, that's for sure.
19. I made my dry veggie vase. Bro loves to knock it down!
20. Brenna and I started on a fall themed canvas, but it is still not finished.
21. I made my googly eye picture frame.....for display next year since I never printed a picture?
22. The photographer took pictures of the kids in costume, but didn't put any of them on the CD. Bummer. We got a few good ones though.
23. We took a hayride to the pumpkin patch.
24. We got lots of pumpkins! B wasn't a fan of the patch at first, but I finally coaxed her into picking a few out.
25. The hot air balloon festival was awesome! We will definitely go again.
26. The science center in Rutherfordton is awesome! And it was great to see the Caskeys (minus Kiran) before they headed out!
27. We did some leaf art, which wasn't quite the masterpiece I'd envisioned.
28. I still haven't made a thankful jar. Maybe that's a project for today.
29. Haven't seen many rain puddles.
30. Hokie dishes are partially done, but haven't been completed in the oven yet.
31. We bought some cheap toilet paper and had at it as mummies. Brenna is still asking to do it again, so maybe today!
32. I made B a Halloweeen themed lunch on the day after Halloween. It was cute, but she seemed underwhelmed.
33. We went on several walks, but I wouldn't call any of them nature walks.
34. I made my first patch of playdoh and it smelled exactly like it did when my mom used to make it for us!
35. No go on the pine cone bird feeder. Jonathan thought I was crazy anyway.

RAofK November

I saw a blog linked on Pinterest where a girl did 35 (I think?) random acts of kindness on her 35th (I think?) birthday. I cried when I read it, and thought I wanted to do something similar for the month of Thanksgiving. Then our pastor preached on the acts of righteousness, namely giving to the poor and less fortunate. It really made me decide to put this into action. The Bible commands us to not to these things to seek attention or praise. I do want to chronicle some of the things we do to inspire others to do the same, and for Brenna to see when she gets older about how important this is. But, there won't be a lot of long stories, specifics, or many pictures. I really just want to see others blessed by what God convicted me to do this month. And this is great for someone like me whose love language (that I speak to others...not what I need...which BTW is words of affirmation) is gift giving.
So far we've given to our mailman, a friend's adoption auction, a random stranger at Target, and we're working on our OCC box for next week.
I'm all up for suggestions. We plan to do a few things with some friends to hopefully help our girls get more out of the experiences!