Sunday, November 4, 2012

RAofK November

I saw a blog linked on Pinterest where a girl did 35 (I think?) random acts of kindness on her 35th (I think?) birthday. I cried when I read it, and thought I wanted to do something similar for the month of Thanksgiving. Then our pastor preached on the acts of righteousness, namely giving to the poor and less fortunate. It really made me decide to put this into action. The Bible commands us to not to these things to seek attention or praise. I do want to chronicle some of the things we do to inspire others to do the same, and for Brenna to see when she gets older about how important this is. But, there won't be a lot of long stories, specifics, or many pictures. I really just want to see others blessed by what God convicted me to do this month. And this is great for someone like me whose love language (that I speak to others...not what I need...which BTW is words of affirmation) is gift giving.
So far we've given to our mailman, a friend's adoption auction, a random stranger at Target, and we're working on our OCC box for next week.
I'm all up for suggestions. We plan to do a few things with some friends to hopefully help our girls get more out of the experiences!

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