Friday, July 16, 2010


So it's no secret that my body is DEFINITELY not back to where it was when I got pregnant with Brenna. In fact, it's really no secret that my body wasn't where it was on my wedding day on the day I got pregnant with Brenna. Simply put, I was about 10 pounds heavier than I would have liked when I got pregnant. Then add 40 pounds. I'm honestly not sure how the 40 pounds happened. I honestly didn't eat much different when I was pregnant than I do when I'm not pregnant. I would say I'm more healthy than most people but less healthy than some for sure. I buy low fat/reduced sodium/low calorie foods, but I don't refuse to eat much. I'll have ice cream often, but it's always 50% reduced fat. I'll have chocolate, but I try to opt for the lowest calorie/fat combo. I pretty much refuse doughnuts, milkshakes, and butter except on special occasions. All of this to say, I still gained 40 pounds, but if I had done the pregnancy overeating - it would have probably been much worse. I admit I didn't exercise like I should have during my pregnancy. I started out strong but then I started feeling some cramps when I would workout, and it freaked me out. Miscarriages, I think, make you worry about things so much more. So there's my excuse for that.

Anyhow, is Brenna worth it? Oh, without a doubt. But, I'm still not super thrilled with the way I look. I had lost about 20+ pounds by the time she was 2 weeks old. But then it pretty much halted. I wasn't really working out, besides the occasional walk, but I was nursing. That's supposed to melt the pounds off, right? Well, not so much. In my world of friends who lost all their baby weight plus some just from nursing, I was/am the exception. So, I realized I needed to get in gear. I joined the gym that has a daycar and Brenna and I have been going almost religiously during the week - and then I try to head out during the weekends, too. I'm down about 7 pounds. As of this morning I still have 14 pounds to go to get back to my weight at the very beginning of my pregnancy. I have hopes of knocking much of this off this summer. The tricky thing is that I'm still nursing exclusively, so my main concern is making sure Brenna is getting all she needs. If I start feeling like she isn't getting her "fair share" then the 14 pounds can stay. I'm hoping for a healthy baby AND a healthy mama.

So, back to the blog title. I bought a one piece bathing suit. That isn't THAT big of a deal for me, since I wore one piece bathing suits until I was out of college. (Reminder - I was 31 pounds heavier when I graduated high school than I am now postpartum. I lost 70 pounds during college.) I was really hoping to be back in my normal bathing suits by our beach trip, but seeing how that is 8 days away..... it isn't happening. So I sucked up my pride and ordered two mom suits. I tried to go as trendy and cute as possible without breaking the bank. I WILL enjoy the beach and not worry about my body the whole time. It won't be easy, but that's my goal. There's always next summer, right? So without further adeu (how do you spell that?)....I present you the mom suits.
*You didn't really think I'd post pictures of MYSELF in them, did you?
*And yes, they have straps. No need to worry about, ahem, gravity.
*And yes, they are the same suit in different colors. That's how I roll.


  1. 1. I gained 40 pounds with DAU too.

    2. I totally understand your pain. Pregnancy weight was so hard for me to loose.

    3. Nursing most certainly didn't drop any pounds off me.

    4. I own that suit in black polka dots! :)

    July 16, 2010 11:05 AM

  2. That bathing suit is awesome but I was concerned about the straplessness. Where is it from?

  3. Emu - that's awesome!! Thanks for sympathizing!

    Kel - Thanks for the concern. I was concerned when I first saw it too. It's from Target.

  4. lol kelley and erin. "thanks for the concern." HAHAHA. :)

    I like the suit. Suits. I just bought a new one this week too.

    I cannot believe you think you are still too heavy. Honestly, do you know how awesome you look? Ask Jonathan. He'll give you an honest answer. Seriously you look great. Find some new-mommy confidence and wear it at the beach. Have fun!!

  5. Wait, EMU what is awesome is your dotted suit NOT numbers 1-3.

    Erin - I love you!

  6. LOLZ. I knew what your awesome meant. Unless you're more of a "snarky blogger" than I thought!

    Dude, I totally sport my suit with no straps. I hope Kelley isn't concerned for me. I mean, I most certainly have enough to keep the suit up. Might as well use the boys (yes, mine are boys) for something good other than milk.

  7. I LOVE your suits!! They are super cute. I want to get one.

  8. Surprisingly enough, I can actually wear it without straps to an extent - but with very little movement, haha. I have to shorten the straps for sure.

    Merritt, if I were to own the same suit as you, that would put me in a whole new level of coolness. You're so stylish!

  9. I think I was concerned because my number is now 34H. ARGH. Its hard for me to remember a time when strapless was easy.

  10. "Yes, mine are boys" -- lol!!! Man you girls are cracking me up on this blog post tonight!

    In other strapless news, I wore a new strapless dress to church today. Sans bra. There was no leaking. WIN.

  11. I'm cracking up here. Glad to know when I decide to blurb my blog into a book, everyone will know all about our bra sizes and our leaking. Did you know Motherhood has size E? And that it doesn't fit me? The saleslady was like "yeah, um, we rarely have F's in anything in the 30s". Where the HECK did you find size Hs? Be proud of that 34 part though, that's awesome!

    In other strapless news - HAHAHA. I love that you didn't wear a bra to church. Hello 21st century. I have to wear a strapless bridesmaid dress on Saturday. Should be a fun time.

    And in other leaking news - I just skipped my first feeding ever (I think) without either nursing her or pumping at the time she would be eating. There was no leaking here either. Is this how my freezer full of over 250 ounces of milk starts dwindling, one skipped feeding at a time? Is it weird that I'm worried about losing 5 ounces?

  12. Oh, but the cheapo Target brand nursing bras fit in a double D. $14.99 baby! Take that Motherhood!

  13. Yes, I definitely know Motherhood carries a size E because I was sporting one for the last trimester of my pregnancy.

    And then I had DAU and had to go to a specialty store to get sized for my 34-G. G for Gi-nor-mous!

    Love that Kel is in a H. Even though she does have twins, it's nice to know someone wears a bigger bra than you! ;)

  14. Watch out- I just hit H this last time around. There's a bra specialty store (next to BRU ironically) and they are wonderful. They fit you and they have lots of sizes. And the bra was only $30ish dollars so not too expensive even for a frugalista like me. Although I confess I only have one and I wash it and hang it to dry over night.

    Is this your most commented on post ever EH?

  15. I love that they are beside BRU. They should call themselves Bras 'R Us! That's a good deal for a bra that actuallly fits! I only had one, too, in a size that didn't really fit so I had to do the same. When I found the cheapos at Target, I ordered two (ironically with the bathing suit that started this whole conversation) and I feel so free. I also even have a sports bra that (kinda) fits if I wear another sports bra over it. So with 3 bras that fit, I'm living it up let me tell you.

    And yes, by FAR the most comments. And everyone who commented was your friend first. All of my other friends are in 3 categories - not married/newly married and not interested in reading about my bra size, new moms that I already spoke of who are back to their teeny tiny selves and frolicking on a beach somewhere in their cutie swimsuits (I love them, regardless), or my mom/mother-in-law/sister/cousin who are all probably gasping at the conversations we are having here on this little comment log.

  16. I feel very confident that my gals (yes mine are still gals) are bigger than ALL of yours (well, maybe not kel, at least til the boys are weaned). Which is why right now I'm glad I switched to sports bras when N was born (I hate loathe abhor nursing bras, although I do have a couple tanks from target I like) and never looked back. Size xl, please. I don't need to know the actual number. It would just stress me out.


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