Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm at the beach, so an update will have to wait. I have an urgent prayer request for you all though. One of my students from this past year, Peyton, was in a bad car wreck Monday night. According to her uncle's girlfriend, who was our family preservation counselor this year, they weren't sure she was going to make it Monday night. But she did. She has a broken back in 3 places and is in ICU in Roanoke. Her mom has a broken ankle/foot, broken ribs, and some other serious injuries. Please pray for Peyton as she in much pain, but thank God isn't paralyzed and has even started walking a little bit. She should be leaving ICU in the next day or two is what I understand. Please pray for her mom, Amy, and her dad, Scott. I just found out yesterday, and honestly, I'm glad I didn't know on Monday night when it was so much more grim looking. I'm thankful she is already making progress and is stable.

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