Thursday, August 4, 2011

17 Months Old!

Dear Brenna,

I've been sitting here crying. Do you want to know why? It's because I started thinking about your first day of kindergarten!! It's 4 years away, for crying out loud, and it already makes me cry. You are just growing up way too fast and I just know it won't ever slow down!

Okay, so on a happier note, let's talk about your month. We've had lots and lots of time together, just you and me. We've spent a lot of time on the deck "exploring", in the yard playing with Liam and swinging, at the VT Duck Pond, on lunch dates with friends, going to the park, and running all kinds of errands. We went to Bristol for Aunt Mal's baby shower and you stayed with Nana and Papa Bill for a weekend while I went to NC. You know the names of lots of people now - Mommy, Daddy, Maggie (Magnie), Nanie, Mal, Josh, Nana, Papa Bill (PawPaw), Grandma (still working on this one consistently), MawMaw, PawPaw, Lauren (Orwin), Spencer, Beckie, Brooke, Ricky, Sissy, Sheri (Sherwi), April (Apil), London (sometimes), Liam, Kate, and Will. You have no clue how many people are head-over-heels in love with you!

We've gone to 1 nap a day, and you're doing great at it. You usually nap from about 12 or 12:30 until about 2:30 or 3:00. You get up about 7:15 most morning, but you slept until 9:00 one morning and it was GREAT! You go to bed about 8:00. Your last word before you go to sleep is usually Amen (unless you cry for me or Daddy, which is pitiful). You just started repeating it when we say your bedtime prayers each night. Cute, cute, cute! I hope it's always the last word you say at night.

Speaking of words - you know lots and lots of them. It seems like you learn 4 or 5 new words every day. It's amazing! You really understand most of what I say to you, and it's nice to see that interaction happening. Some of my favorite words that you say are hairbow (you say it so excitedly!), milk (miiiiiiiiilk), please (peet), teeth (teet), Abby (again, so excitedly!), and Sherwi. You like to say "book" now, and you're still crazy about reading "stories", which you say really well, too. Just today you said "dirty" when you saw a leaf on your swing outside. I had no clue you even knew that word. Oh, and you noticed that Mickey Mouse says, "Oh, Toodles" on his show that we watch sometimes. So now you call Mickey "Toodles" anytime we see his picture on something. And most other cartoon characters are still "Elmo". In the book you have of Disney stories, you always point to the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast" and say, "Daddy!" really loud. That's not very nice, Brenna! Luckily, Belle, Cinderella, and all the other pretty girls are "Mommy". Smart girl. :)

Lately you've been doing better on eating, but you still have some picky days. Your favorites these days are cucumbers, green beans, carrots, yogurt, rice cakes, fruit (especially berries!), ice cream (thanks Nana!), hot dogs (dawdogs), grilled cheese and quesadillas, and croutons out of my salads! You still love cheese and noodles, too. You love to have a sip of Mommy's water, and you've enjoyed some sips of lemonade and tea, too. I'm glad you still drink your milk so well - even if it is a pain to remember to always put it back in the fridge!

You seem about the same size to me, and your 12 month clothes still fit for the most part. Some of your shorts are 18 months, and some of your shirts are 12-18 months. Your feet are growing, so I need to get you some size 5 shoes for the beach! I think you may be cutting some more teeth, in addition the 8 you have. You've been chewing on your hands at night a little and fussing. Hopefully they'll be easy on you, like the last ones were.

We definitely miss Daddy, but we're having fun while we wait for the move - which will probably happen this month! I'm excited for us to be reunited as a family on a daily basis! I know you'll be happy too - and especially when you have a yard to run around in! I could not love you any more, you little silly goose. We have so, so much fun giggling and playing peekaboo and laughing. You are such a fun, fun girl, and you like to make us laugh. I never smiled as much as I do now that I spend my days with you. It even helps me forget about your bad habit of stiffening up when sitting on my lap, which is the reason for my fat lip right now! You little stinker!

Next month you'll be 1 1/2! I don't know how that's possible, but I'm sure enjoying the ride!

I love you, sweet Sprout.
Love, Mommy