Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I hope you cry

Dear Brenna,

I cry a lot. I cry when I'm happy. I cry when I'm sad. I cry when I'm scared. I cry when I'm confused. I cry when I'm frustrated. I cry when I'm excited. It's just who I am.

Take today for example. I watched Oprah's last show. I have probably watched 20 total Oprah shows ever. But, today I watched the end. And I cried. A lot. You looked at me like I was crazy and you gave me a kiss. I explained to you that I wasn't sad - it was just emotional for her, so it became emotional for me.

Yesterday I cried after I talked to the realtor. Our house isn't selling when I want it to. Daddy and I have faith that God will help it sell in his time, but I'm worried about our next step. I cried and cried.

About two weeks ago I sat down in the front of my classroom and cried (with students in there!). They wouldn't listen to me and I wanted them to learn so badly. So, I cried because they hurt my feelings and made me frustrated at the same time.

So, you see, sometimes I wish I didn't cry so easily. I cry at commercials, I cry at books, I cry EVERY YEAR when Charlotte dies in Charlotte's Web. I cry anytime I watch A Baby Story on TV. I cried while April was in labor with Tinley. It's embarassing at times and I sometimes try to hide it.

All this to say - I hope you cry like me. Even though it's awkward (I'm NOT a pretty crier!) and sometimes embarassing, I feel like it's how I live life. I'm passionate about things. I care deeply about issues, and people, and causes. I cry because I feel things strongly. I hope you do, too. And just know my shoulder is always here for you to cry on - and I'll probably cry right along with you.

Love, Mommy


Whispers in the Hallway