Sunday, May 22, 2011

#11 - 7-Eleven

Here goes! The list I've been trying to write for weeks now. I'm mourning the loss of our life here in Virginia. I'm excited about our new adventure, I'm thrilled to be able to stay at home, I'm proud of Jonathan and his new job. But, I'm sad. I finally feel like Christiansburg is our home, instead of just where we're living for a season. But, instead of rambling on and on about that - I'm going to list some of the things I'm going to miss the most about this area. I'm sure I'll be able to make a list longer than this after we learn to call NC home, but for now, here's where my mind and my heart is!
#11 - 7-Eleven!

Ok, so I admit we hardly ever go to 7-Eleven any more. But, it'd kind of like part of our "story" here. When Jonathan and I were just dating, we would go pick up a slurpie from 7-Eleven and go to the park just to hang out and/or read. It's a really special memory for me. I'd sometimes pick up one when I lived in Radford, too. It was one of my favorite ways to surprise Jonathan when I'd go visit him at his home in Blacksburg. And, um, they are GOOD! We haven't been in ages, mainly because there aren't any in Christiansburg. We'll definitely have to get one before we move! Maybe Brenna should even get a sip (but we'll warn her about the brain freeze!). I know this seems like a lame start to the list, but it's special to me and it's MY list. Now, I'm going to google 7-Eleven and North Carolina. :) Stay tuned for more!


  1. Fun that you are doing this too! :)

    No 7-11s in NC. They pulled out when I was in elementary school. I mourned the loss of the slurpee way back then!

  2. I had this idea boiling in my head for awhile - and then I remembered that I'd seen it somewhere! I looked around and remembered it was you! So, I think maybe you subconsciously inspired this! Your list was way cooler than mine is going to be!

    And sad about the slurpees. Maybe we should open some in our respective cities? ;)


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