Thursday, May 26, 2011

#10 - Virginia Tech Campus

I don't think many people would believe that neither Jonathan nor I went to Virginia Tech for any of our degrees! We're Hokie fans without a doubt. When I first moved here, I was pretty indifferent to all things Hokie. I grew up kind of liking Tennessee football, but never hating the Hokies like most Vol fans do! But, it didn't take long for me to get hooked on the Hokies! Some of the most times we've had since we started dating involve Virginia Tech. We've been to lots of football games (including one that I'm pretty sure it snowed at!), the big concert (oh, Dave Matthews) after the Virginia Tech shootings, several Spring games (including Brenna's first one at about a month old!), a wedding at War Memorial Chapel, concerts at Burruss and Squires, walks around the farms when Jonathan still lived in Blacksburg, photo shoots at the Duck Pond (along with many walks!), lots and lots of trips to the Dog Park with Maggie, and visits to the April 16th Memorial.

feeding the donkey near campus

a cold football game

"the boys"

not on campus - but still Hokie fans! Chick-fil-a bowl 2009 (7 months pregnant!)

Brenna's first Spring game

"date day" this past October

On April 16, 2007, all the residents of the NRV suddenly became more loyal to Virginia Tech. It was a hard day to be a teacher in this area. I had several students with parents who worked there and a couple more with law enforcement parents. It was hard knowing how much to tell them, and I couldn't answer their questions because I had so many questions myself. It was the saddest day I've ever experienced in the classroom. But, it made me love this place even more as I saw how everyone rallied and came together to heal. I'm not sure Blacksburg will ever be the same.
memorial on campus
So, I'm not a Hokie "by degree", but I'm a Hokie nonetheless. Quite honestly, I hate Carolina blue, so I think I'll stick with my maroon and orange. 'Cause you know what they say - God must be a Hokie because why else would he turn the leaves maroon and orange every fall?
War Memorial Chapel
weirdos on campus - You never know what you might see!

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