Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet Sprout...Finally!

Since facebook is the new way to break news, you all know about our exciting, pickles-on-pizza craving news! But, in a futile attempt to make people read my blog, I'm going to give you all the good info here.....and some pictures, too!

We knew we were ready for babies a few months ago. In fact, we actually had a miscarriage in April and were absolutely crushed. We really had to trust and be patient for the next few months while healing from that pain and praying for another healthy pregnancy. On my first day of summer vacation I took a test, and there was a faint line. I had already known I was pregnant just by the way I was feeling.....but Jonathan was harder to convince. He said he wouldn't believe it until he saw words - apparantely lines don't work for him! Luckily I had one digital one that April had given me after Tad was confirmed, I took it the next day, and we knew for sure!

Honestly, it was the longest 3.5 weeks of my life waiting for our first appointment at 7 weeks. It's amazing what losing a baby will do to the optimism of the happy time it's supposed to be. I started having a lot of signs - including terrible nausea. I knew this was a good sign, but boy it wasn't fun. And it hasn't stopped yet! Oh, and by the way - the 5K I ran was a week after we found out - doesn't that make it even more awesome?

We went to the doctor on July 10 and got our first glimpse at this sweet baby. He/She was not much more than a peanut - but have you ever seen a peanut with a beating heart? Awesome! Here, look!
I'm now 13 weeks, woohoo! This means I'm done with the first trimester - finally! Ready to start feeling better! We went to the doctor again on August 6 and got some more pictures and heard a strong heartbeat of 164. Everybody says that means girl - guess we'll see in about 6 weeks! I feel pretty strongly that Sprout is a girl, but wouldn't it be ironic if the first time I guessed wrong was on my own!

And to hopefully answer most of your questions - I'm due February 25 and will take at least 7-8 weeks off. Jonathan and our parents and family are thrilled! I will deliver at New River Valley Medical Center in Radford. I have actually lost a few pounds due to the nausea - no maternity clothes for me quite yet! I crave pizza, breadsticks, and cheesesticks. Meat disgusts me. Healthy, I know! We'll find out boy or girl around the beginning of October if little Sprout cooperates. I go for my 15 week appt. on September 4. God is good - and we are so thankful!