Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Here's our Easter rundown - told in picture format because I'm too lazy to type it out in paragraphs.

We started the weekend in Bristol hanging out with Nanie, Aunt Mal, Uncle Josh, Sissy, and Grandma Abel. Brenna got some books and a new "purse" for Easter.

playing with her purse

We colored Easter eggs for Brenna on Saturday.

Then we "hid" them for her. She was more interested in banging them together and then trying to eat them.

Brenna got lots of quality time with her Nanie and her Grandma Abel.

Nanie made Brenna some banana pudding. She LOVED it!

We headed to Nana and Papa Bill's on Saturday night. Brenna got bubbles, a stuffed frog (which Brenna calls "turtle" because my mom taught her the word turtle), and a cute outfit for Easter.

We went to the Easter morning breakfast at Pine Mountain and then had an Easter dinner with Jonathan's family at his grandparents' house.

Brenna got her second Easter basket.

She loved the Elmo camera.

Pretty Easter Angel! Oh, but she despised the hat. It lasted about 10 seconds each time we tried to put it on her.

She had lots of fun exploring Paw-Paw and Maw-Maw's yard.

swingin' with Maw-Maw

She loves boys! She was really interested in Spencer's glasses.

We had a great weekend with our family. The weather was gorgeous and Brenna was the center of attention (wait, isn't that supposed to be Jesus on Easter?) everywhere we went! We're also thrilled about next Easter when Brenna will have a baby cousin on the Lucas side and on the Roberts side - my sister is expecting in September and Jonathan's cousin Stephen and his wife are expecting in August! I just love the excitement and anticipation new babies bring. And no, I'm not pregnant.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Words, Words, Words

Brenna is talking up a storm these days. She's started trying to imitate words we say, and understands way more words than she can say. I wanted to try to have a list of the words she knows, and maybe add to it for awhile as she learns more (until it becomes impossible to record them as fast as she learns them!) For now, here's what we've got:
*paw paw (not sure if this is for Bill, or Paw-Paw Roberts....or both?)
*nini (banana)
*boc boc (when we ask what a chicken says)
*moo (when we ask what a cow says)
*mow (when we ask what a cat says)
*no (for nose)
*shhhh (for shoe)
*uh oh (or sometimes just OH)
*melmo (for Elmo, and many other characters)
*thank you (I can't even type it the way it sounds when she says it)
*ma ma (for Maggie)
*JoJo (our neighbor's dog)
*bye bye
*zzzz (buzzing like a dragonfly in one of her books)
*mah (kissing sound - it's not a word, but it's cute!)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thirteen Months Old!

Dear Brenna,

Well, the first month of your second year is over, and boy have you changed a lot. You are really noticing the world around you, and we are amazed at how much you notice, learn, and change every single day! You are growing like a weed, no matter what the percentiles say! Your motor skills and language skills are also changing like crazy, and it's fun to experience life with you.

The week after your birthday party you got a little bit sick. You were running a fever, but you didn't have an ear infection or strep. You got to hang out with daddy a lot that week, too, because Mrs. Kate was out of town. I stayed home with you one day, and Nana came to stay one day, too. The next week we went back to the doctor for your well visit and you got a few more vaccinations. You weighed in at 19 pounds, 2 ounces the first week, and 19 pounds, 7 ounces the next week. You measured 30 inches tall, which makes you supposedly tall and thin. However, your belly is so round, and it's hard for me to believe you're still on the smaller side in weight! You're obviously healthy and growing, so we'll take it! You're mostly wearing 9 or 12 month shirts and 12 month pants. I giggle when you still wear your 6-9 month onesies, but I'm glad you're getting plenty of wear out of your cute clothes! You're riding in your "big girl" carseat in Daddy's car, and I think our days of the infant carrier in my car are about over, too. I've put it off because you still occasionally fall asleep in there, and it's so handy to tote you in the house while you're sleeping!

Around the middle of March we got the terrible news that Papa Bill had to have open heart surgery. Mommy and Daddy went to Winston Salem to be with Nana while he was in surgery, so you had your first sleepover with Nanie and Aunt Mal in Bristol. You did great, and they got very spoiled to having you around. It was best that you weren't at the hospital, and we also got to squeeze in a trip to our new hometown (Newton, NC) while we were in NC to do some real estate stuff. We missed you like crazy though, and we talked about you almost nonstop. It was so nice to meet them in Wytheville and finally pick you up after being away for almost 2 full days and nights. It's nice to have family members who want to keep you - but man, it's hard to give you up! Papa Bill is recovering well, and you're going to visit him and Nana this weekend, and they can hardly wait!

After that adventure, we had another one. We all three got the stomach virus!! You caught it first, and threw up twice on Thursday night and once during the day on Friday. We thought it was just a 24 hour thing, but you threw up (all over me!) three more times on Friday night. You were pitiful because you weren't eating and had no energy, so you just sat around with us all weekend. Once you got better, Daddy caught it. Then once he got better, I did! You only spent 2 days at home, and we're all finally feeling 100% better and back to the usual daily schedule! Shew!

I finally weaned you completely on Saturday, March 19. You really took it in stride and never even seemed to notice. It was really sad for me, but I knew it was all a part of you growing up. I'll never forget the closeness that our nursing relationship brought us, and I'm so glad that we were able to make it the full year (and 2 extra weeks!) I'm very proud of us, baby girl! You're definitely a litle piggy and can't seem to get enough to eat. You eat oatmeal or yogurt or eggs for most morning breakfasts, lunch meat and cheese, fruit, and bread for lunch, and usually whatever we're eating (pasta, meatloaf, casserole, etc.) or a Gerber Graduate meal with fruit for dinner. You are constantly begging for snacks - you go to the corner where we keep your crackers and beg. It's funny - until you sit down and wail when we tell you it's not snack time. I think all those teeth (4 on the bottom, 2 on the top) are helping you chew more, too. You've done great with your whole milk, and usually drink around 20 ounces a day, with a little watered down juice at times, too. I'm so glad you don't seem to be very picky - and I hope that trend continues!

You talk constantly and are saying more words. Just today you started saying "Peekaboo" in a cutie little voice on your own without being prompted. You say "ni ni ni" when we say "No, No" to you. Are you mocking us already? I think you were trying to say "bite" at the table today when you wanted some of my dinner. You called one of the boys at church Elmo during the middle of service yesterday - hilarious! Oh, and you say "boc boc" when we ask you what a chicken says? TOTALLY the cutest thing ever! Ok, the second cutest - because the absolute cutest is your new obsession with kissing. You pucker up and push your mouth toward whatever and make the "mmwah" sound. You do it all the time - seriously. We don't even have to prompt you to do it - you just kiss whatever is near, including Maggie, baby Tinley, strangers at church, the trashcan, characters in book - it doesn't matter! The one thing you don't always kiss is us when we ask for it. You'll turn your head and kiss the thin air instead of us - silly girl! I would love to bottle up your innocence and save it forever. I pray that you continue to have a loving heart. It's so fun to have you be so friendly to our friends, family, and even to strangers. Everyone just enjoys being in your presence.

The weather is turning nice outside, so I look forward to more playtime at the park and in your swing that Papa Bill and Nana got you that's hanging in the tree by the side of our townhouse complex. Mrs. Kate takes you and Liam to the park and I know you will start enjoying that more and more. This summer is going to be so much fun, Brenna, and I know it's going to be even better knowing that I don't have to go back to work next fall and we'll get to spend our days together. I can't believe we are so lucky - it's something I've wanted so bad since you were born. Having you around will make the move and transition to NC much easier, I'm sure. I can't wait to see what fun we'll get in to.

Until next month, know that I adore you more every day. I love you, my spunky little Sprout.

Love, Mommy