Monday, April 25, 2011

Words, Words, Words

Brenna is talking up a storm these days. She's started trying to imitate words we say, and understands way more words than she can say. I wanted to try to have a list of the words she knows, and maybe add to it for awhile as she learns more (until it becomes impossible to record them as fast as she learns them!) For now, here's what we've got:
*paw paw (not sure if this is for Bill, or Paw-Paw Roberts....or both?)
*nini (banana)
*boc boc (when we ask what a chicken says)
*moo (when we ask what a cow says)
*mow (when we ask what a cat says)
*no (for nose)
*shhhh (for shoe)
*uh oh (or sometimes just OH)
*melmo (for Elmo, and many other characters)
*thank you (I can't even type it the way it sounds when she says it)
*ma ma (for Maggie)
*JoJo (our neighbor's dog)
*bye bye
*zzzz (buzzing like a dragonfly in one of her books)
*mah (kissing sound - it's not a word, but it's cute!)

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