Sunday, November 4, 2012

33Before33 - #33 - Surprise!

I pulled off a big surprise last weekend! It was Jonathan's 31st birthday, and I really wanted to make it special for him. Last year I had planned a surprise party in North Carolina at our new house, but then closing fell through and we ended up moving on his birthday instead. We had already planned to be in Christiansburg on the Saturday before his birthday, so I took advantage of that to celebrate with our NRV friends.
My "white lie" got way out of control. J knew that I'd already talked to our neighbors, Will and Kate (no, not the royals) about hanging out and catching up, so I told him we were going to hit up Macados with them. Then I invited lots of other friends to gather at Macados before we got there. The timing worked out perfectly, minus the fact that I never told April and Jeremy that we definitely moved the location. Will and Kate couldn't join us, so J was confused about that. When he came in, I pointed him to the table, and he was confused because people were already at that table! We got to spend the evening with Pastor Randy, the Kinzers (Jonathan's childhood best friend), the Bashams (our BFFs), the Hedas (some friends from Blacksburg), and the Osters (my old coworker). We had an awesome time catching up, and the 6 kids (all under 4) had fun, too. Katie was sweet enough to bring a cake to top off the party!
On Sunday, we had Davin's baby dedication at Jonathan's home church. Afterwards both of our families went back to his parents' for lunch. There I gave him his second surprise. I had gotten emails and notes from family and friends with birthday wishes and memories they had with Jonathan. I got them from his family, my family, family friends, and even a few friends that I don't even know that well. Luckily his iPhone contacts imported into my phone! :). He had fun reading them and even teared up on a few.

singing happy birthday

eating cake

Jonathan and Chuck

Jonathan and Randy

Jackie and Little Man

Katie and Jaden

my sweet buddy

Kiran and Jaden


trying to get some bouncy balls out

true love

Osters and Halseys

Basham and Halsey clans

I can't tell you what an honor it is to be his wife. He loves his family passionately, and he takes being a husband and father very seriously. He works long hours to provide for us, and is understanding of my crazy ways. I never imagined I'd be in such an amazing marriage, and I'm grateful that God saw fit for us to go on this journey together. My kids have no idea yet how lucky they are, but they will one day.

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