Friday, November 16, 2012

33Before33 - #14 - Potty!!!

My sweet little baby is now a sweet potty-trained, full-fledged toddler! It has been such a ridiculously smooth and easy process that I'm almost ashamed to admit it. We started on November 5 and here it is November 16 and we are pretty much accident free. Her last accident was on Sunday (five days ago) at church.

The first day (a Monday) was rough. I made sure to start on a day when Jonathan would be here all day. We had no successes that day and 3 accidents. The next day was better a success or two and less accidents. I think the first "#2" was on Wed. or Thursday night. Each day has just gradually gotten better. We stayed home until Saturday when we had an appointment for pictures. She stayed dry for pictures and the park afterward. We then decided to go eat Mexican food. I took her to the bathroom there, and although she was apprehensive at first, she sat right down and went. HUGE deal to me! She's only had one accident since then and that was at church where I think she was being her usual shy self and didn't want to tell me in front of people. She's done awesome this entire week, even when we've visited friends' homes and other public places. She is so proud of herself - with a big grin and "I'm peeing!" every time she goes. We are super proud of her, too.

I'm thankful she was ready this time and that it went so smoothly. When we tried after her second birthday when I was still pregnant, it was a disaster. She cried the whole time and she was miserable. I'm not sure if it was just all the life changes that were happening at the time, the ear infection she got on the 2nd day, or just her not being emotionally and/or physically ready. Regardless, I'm glad we stopped and revisited later. We still have to conquer our first road trip, but I'm not even too worried. So proud of my girl!

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  1. Great job, Brenna! And congratulations, Erin! Big milestone for both of you. :)


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