Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mrs. Jones and Mrs. White

Two of my best friends got married this summer! As you may (or may not) know, I teach with two of the best teachers ever! For the past 4 years we have had a 4 person team in third grade. Lisa taught with Susan and Sheri taught with me! Then last year, after Susan died, Sara took her place and we loved her, too. But, unfortunately, this year our numbers are low so we had to send Sara to fifth grade (sniff, sniff) and we're left with a 3 person team. And now it's a married-girls-only club!

Sheri met Justin last January (or was it February?) and he proposed this February. He's a great guy and his personality balances Sheri's really well. Did I mention he knew she was the one by June or July of last year and bought the ring, but waited to ask her so her dad wouldn't freak out because it was too soon. Oh wait, is that a secret? I remember sitting on my couch (big, huge, and SO ready for Brenna, but that's beside the point - I could still jump up and shout with joy with the best of them!) and seeing that Sheri sent me a picture message. I knew it was going to be of a ring, because that's the way I told her I was engaged 2 years ago. And, I was right! They got married July 24 at Pulaski Memorial Baptist with a reception at Muse Hall in Radford. Sheri had waited a long time for this day, and she was a beaming bride! She had been a bridesmaid like ten times or something, and that morning when I texted her to check on her, she replies "I'm great. I'm finally the bride!" It made me cry that the day she had waited and prayed for had finally come for her.

Lisa met Kevin when she first started at Macy because he's our band teacher! He got in touch with her last year after Susan passed away and they started dating. He proposed to her in April of this year. I got a text while we were at the Braves game in April of another ring. Gotta love technology! Kevin and Lisa are perfect for each other. They are artsy, but not weird, and they love the Lord first and foremost. They got married in Kenbridge, VA at her aun't home and it was PERFECT for them. Outside and really laid back - and perfect! Lisa was stunning in her $99 dress (yep, we sure know how to find those things!) and Kevin just looked so happy. Kevin's daughter, Emilie, was thrilled too, and they make a gorgeous family!

Ok, so what you really want is pictures, right? Here goes!
Sheri and her bridesmaids/flower girl with our charms at the bridal luncheon
the bride and her bridesmaids at the rehearsal
Sheri looking at Brenna's pictures on facebook the morning of the wedding
Sheri in the robe I got her that said - Mrs. Jones est. July 24, 2010
Sheri and her mama - check out that train!!
Brenna playing with Sheri's neice, Peighton, before the wedding
Brenna and "Aunt" Sheri
first dance as Mr. and Mrs.
Sheri's a definite daddy's girl!
dancin' with my family
Can you guess where the bouquet ended up? Yep, in the light!
Lisa in her robe from yours truly - Mrs. White est. August 7, 2010
Lisa and her new step-daughter, Emilie
the newlyweds
They both love Brenna.
A lot has changed in the past 2 years for this group of girls!
so sweet!!
Lisa dancing with her daddy and her neice, Adaline
I can not begin to tell you how red her face was!
Off to honeymoon in Asheville, NC.


  1. Awww thanks! :) I'm so happy you were part of our day! :) You're the bestest! Love ya!
    and is it bad that you blogged about my wedding before I did? oh well.....I'm not good with keeping up w/ this blogging thing!

  2. How great that you have such a perfect team to teach with. If you have to work, I'd say these ladies are the ones to work with!

    And July 24 is the PERFECT day to get married. :)


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