Friday, September 3, 2010

Lots of WOW! Moments

It's been a big week or two at our house. Brenna is growing and changing by leaps and bounds every single day. Just within the last 3 weeks she has rolled over from the belly to her back (yes, this is the harder way and yes, she did the other way over 2 months ago. Go figure!), perfected the art of sitting for long periods of time, learned to pull up unassisted on furniture (or anything else at the particularly perect height), gotten on all fours and rocked back and forth, started reaching for us consistently and very excitedly, cried for me when I left her in the church nursery (which, in turn, meant she got to go to church with me - I'm a softie!), slept on her side and belly for the first time, and.....drumroll please.....EATEN SOLID FOOD! A month ago we had a baby. Now, it seems, our baby is turning into a big girl right before our very eyes! I've even got some photo/video proof of all these big milestones for our girl. Unfortunately, blogger is being stupid, so I'll have to upload them later. For now, there are bathrooms to clean during naptime.

Oh, and Mommy had a milestone too. I just tried on pretty much all the pants I was wearing when I got pregnant with Brenna and they ALL fit. I'm still not down to prepregnancy weight, but my pants fit. Shirts are a different story - but I have a feeling that'll be the way it'll be for the rest of my life. Pregnancy just does something to your body. But trading a better body for this pulling up, sitting up, jabbering, food-eating miracle that lived in my body? No way!

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