Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'd Rather...

Today I spent my day hugging other people's kids.
I'd rather be at home hugging my own.

Today I spent my day worrying about who ordered pizza and who ordered salad.
I'd rather be at home making baby food for my baby.

Today I cheered when my 3rd graders all got a 100 on their multiplication quiz.
I'd rather be at home cheering on my almost-crawling baby.

Today I read Freckle Juice with a bunch of inattentive third graders.
I'd rather be at home reading Dr. Seuss books with my girl.

Today I bandaged up other people's kid's boo-boos.
I'd rather be at home with my teething baby, even when she's screaming.

Today I told 3rd graders all about the SOL tests.
I'd rather not have to worry about those tests for 8 years - when Brenna is a 3rd grader.

Today I drove as fast as I could on 460East to get home to my girl.
I'd rather be frolicking around town with my baby in tow.

Today I researched math games and activities about odd and even numbers.
I'd rather be at home researching baby toys and exercises.

Today I spent time with 2 of my best friends, but we were all ill.
I'd rather be able to enjoy their company without the stress of a job we don't love right now.

Today I felt jealous of my friends who get to stay home with their babies.
I'd rather be emailing or calling them to ask advice about being a stay at home mama.

Today I had to find a quiet room with no windows in a school full of kids to pump.
I'd rather be at home snuggling and nursing my Brenna.

Today I had to listen to kids complain and not follow directions 99% of the time.
I'd rather be looking at a baby who smiles at me and reaches for me and never complains (yet!).

It's my blog.....and I'll cry if I want to.


  1. Booo! I'll cry with you.

    Maybe you could rob a bank?

  2. But it could be could be teaching for Mr Hatfield in Happy Valley!! AHahahahhahaha

  3. this made ME cry. but I needed to read it today. really. you have no idea. it's almost the weekend, hang in there!

  4. I hope that today you are reveling in a weekend with your Brenna. Praying for you.

  5. EMU - Thanks. Wanna help?

    Kelley - For real. Perspective is key.

    Erin G. - I hung in there! Barely!

    Merritt - I am! A baby in a Hokie onesie ready for the first home game of the season (that we'll have to watch online).


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