Sunday, October 5, 2014

San Francisco

We were so lucky this past February to get to go to San Francisco for 5 days.  Jonathan had to go there for work for 3 days and I had enough airline miles to get a free flight, so we turned it into a little getaway for ourselves.  Our moms split the week with the kids and we enjoyed the time together.  We went a day early so we had all of Monday to hang out before his work stuff started.

Sunday when we arrived we drove out to the Golden Gate Bridge (which cost us $20) - Seriously, people, believe them when they say to stop and pay the toll.  Even if the signs point to keep going.  It was super windy so we didn't walk all the way across, but it was so cool to see it in person finally.  Jonathan had seen it before, but it was my first time.  That night we also went to Chinatown and had some Chinese food and found the real Full House house and the Painted Ladies.  My childhood memories were on high-alert!  The hotel where we were staying was so nice - it was actually in San Jose which a bit of a drive out of San Francisco.

Monday we had the whole day to explore.  We did an early morning tour of Alcatraz, which was awesome.  We then hung around the pier area and had lunch at an amazing (touristy, but amazing) place called Chowder's on Pier 39.  We took the cable cars around town and did a little bit of shopping.  We visited Ghiradelli Square.  It was really a wonderful day.  I typically don't like to be totally touristy, but in that city it was fun and totally worth being exhausted at the end of the day!
 view from the ferry

 Al Capone's cell

hanging off a cable car
seriously steep roads

The rest of the week J had meetings so I just hung around the hotel - worked out some, napped some, walked down to the little shop and bought cupcakes, found an H&M (cue heavenly sounds), had lunch at a cool salad place, and read a book!  He got stuck in traffic at least one night coming back so we ate dinner near the hotel one night.  Our last night there we went into Palo Alto and drove by the house where Steve Jobs lived.  We saw the Palo Alto Apple store, which was fun.  We ate at the coolest Indian restaurant called Curry Up Now.  It started as a food truck and is now a restaurant.  So cute!

The trip was an absolute blast.  It was nice to have some fun sight-seeing time that didn't revolve around nap times.  And the relaxing time for me was an amazing bonus as well.  I hope we can do it again one day.

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