Sunday, October 5, 2014

33Before33 - #4 - Anniversary Trip

The anniversary trip out of the country didn't happen, but we have had two good anniversaries since making the list AND a trip that wasn't on our anniversary but was fun nonetheless.

5th Anniversary - July 26, 2013 - We spent the day with the kids at the Asheboro Zoo.  We had a great day together.  Later that weekend we shipped the kids off to Jonathan's parents' house and had a date night in Hickory before he worked all weekend and I went to Asheville with my girls.

6th Anniversary - July 26, 2014 - My good friend Emily decided July 26 sounded like a great anniversary to have, so Jonathan and I left the kids with my mom and headed to TN for a weekend away.  We got there mid-day on Saturday and did a little shopping.  We rented a really nice cabin that wasn't too far from Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge.  The wedding was on Saturday night and was so much fun.  Sunday we went to breakfast in Gatlinburg and then for a 6 mile hike to a waterfall.  We hadn't been hiking in years, so it was fun to do something we used to love doing a lot before having kids.  We went to dinner at a Japanese place we remembered from years ago when we were there with friends.  While we were at dinner we chatted with the kids and my mom who were huddled in a bathroom during a tornado warning in Bristol!  We enjoyed just relaxing and watching a movie that wasn't made by Disney.  Monday we took our time and headed back to Bristol to get the kiddos and head back to NC.
 wedding selfie
 me and Vickie
 me and the gorgeous bride
 We work out.
terrible hike selfie

Our big alone trip was in February of this year.  It deserves it's own blog post.  :)

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