Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Brandan and Rachel Got Married

(AKA I have a new sister!)
 This big boy started out the trip facing forward for the first time.
 selfie on a lunch stop on our way to Richmond
 practicing - oh, and it paid off.  They walked down the aisle like pros.  (Granted, they didn't smile, they walked really slow, and Davin stopped to look at the people in each aisle.)  But, they shocked me totally and did it with no tears!  And they were relatively quiet on the front row with me through the ceremony (with the aid of gummy bears, I won't lie.)

 Davin and Morgan entertaining themselves during the rehearsal dinner.

 beautiful flower girl - I was so proud of her
 I am a lucky lady!
another just because
 mother of the groom and flower girl :)

stole these 2 from their photographer



 ready for the send-off

 the only picture of just us was after everyone else had left - ha!
 totally exhausted on the way home

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