Saturday, October 4, 2014

1st Birthday Flashback

Sooo, 1st birthday.  A year and a half later.  We did a Mr Potato Head theme because I nicknamed Davin "Spud" in utero.  I thought it was totally fitting and it turned out to be unique and fun!  

 a year of firsts

 smash cake
a banner of Davin's monthly pictures from his first year 
gift bags 
chocolate 'staches  
 Build your own SPUD

 coolest cake pops EVER!
Seriously, aren't they just too much? 


 beginning his chow-down

 love this picture    
Brenna though it was hilarious to watch 
 best buds chatting over cake pops

 surprise cake for Pa Bill
Libby was not amused. 

sweet Hannah 

ha!  baby with a stache 

serious Roseman men  
Emily and Briley 
<3 nbsp="" p="">
Caden was obsessed with my Grandma's nails.  So funny! 

he loved his Mickey
 being silly with Grandpa

 maybe my favorite pictures ever
a close second

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