Saturday, October 4, 2014

33Before33 - #26 (and half of #24) - Wine Tasting and a Weekend Getaway with Friends

So, I don't like wine.  I keep thinking maybe I'll like it if I try a certain type.  But, I just don't.  But I tried about 10 kinds on this particular day.  I met up with my college BFFs Lora and Christy in Asheville for a weekend last summer.  Our friend Amanda was kind enough to show us around and help us feel a little less like tourists.  We had fun shopping, dining out, reminiscing (and gossiping), and just enjoying life together.  We spent Sunday at the Biltmore and did a little wine tasting while we were there.  It was great fun.  Time with these girls does something for my soul that can't be described.  

 Lora and I have this tradition of taking photos of our feet.  It's weird.  It started when we had matching Reef flip-flops in New York and has continued for many years.  
 love these girls so much - this was before dessert downtown
 love her so much

Such a fun day!  There is a photo of the four of us in front of the Biltmore but I can't find it.  And no actual pictures of the wine tasting - but it happened.  

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