Tuesday, May 20, 2014

23 Months Old


It is so hard to believe - but this is our last monthly letter before you turn the big TWO!  It honestly doesn't seem possible - you still seem like my baby.  But the signs all point to you growing and changing by leaps and bounds!  Everytime we see family that hasn't seen you in a few weeks (or even a month or two) they can't believe how much you've changed.

You cut all four of your canine teeth a couple of weeks ago (around the beginning of May).  They gave you a fit but now you have quite the toothy smile.  You've been eating pretty well - still loving fruits, tolerating meats, and trying to avoid meats a good amount of the time.  You tolerate having your teeth brushed a little more now - but still not a huge fan.  I am worried you may be prone to cavities (like me) so we work very hard to keep them as clean as possible.

Some of your favorite activities these days are playing soccer/golf/baseball outside in the yard, riding your plasma car, trying to ride your tricycle, reading books, being tickled, being held, watching Monsters and Frozen, running around Brenna's school, climbing and playing on playgrounds, sitting on laps, making music, playing with your Thomas train set, working puzzles, coloring "pi-tures", painting with watercolors, helping sweep/load the dishwasher/clean/throw trash away, and jumping.  You still prefer to be outside whenever possible, but you aren't a fan of bugs and bees.  Luckily you are tough because it seems like you skin your knee several times a week.

You are starting to talk a lot more - a mix of words we can understand and words that are still a bit of babble.  You will say "uh huh" to almost any question we ask you.  We are working on your manners and you also like to say (or more often, repeat) prayers at bedtime, nap time, and meals.  You like to sing - a favorite song right now is "Let it Go" from the Frozen movie.

We spent the past weekend in Virginia and you had fun with Brady, Bren, and Jayla.  You skipped your nap on Sunday and did surprisingly well without it.  You have made up with it with extra sleep the past couple of days though.  You didn't love the pack n play at Nanie's house, but tolerated your little mini crib at Neena's a little better.  I can tell you're glad to be back home in your crib though.  You were pretty clingy to me when lots of people were around this weekend - but as soon as we were home you were right back to preferring Daddy over me.  So sad for me!

You do well at church now that you've moved up to Brenna's class.  You like having more things to do and play with.  You also enjoy the Y now - especially when they let you play ball in child watch.  You are over-the-moon thrilled when we can stay and play basketball in the gym sometimes.  You also really loved playing soccer on the sidelines during Brenna's games this spring.  The guy who organizes the Y sports was impressed with your skills - and said you could even play in the fall if you are still as interested in it as you are now.  Such a sporty little guy you are!

I can't believe the next letter I write to you will be when you are TWO.  These have been two of the best, most exhausting, most fun, most challenging, and most complete years of my life.  You and your sister make life so fun - it's going to get better and better from here!

I love you, big boy Spud!
Love, Mommy

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