Thursday, May 1, 2014

22 Months Old

Dear Davin,

You continue to grow into a fun, adventurous, rambunctious little toddler.  Our friends comment a lot about how much older you are looking every time they see you.  It's fun to watch but it makes my mama heart so sad to see your baby traits slipping away.  Luckily for me you are still pretty cuddly before you sleep.  You are still a daddy's boy all the way - but anytime I've been gone you come running to me to pick you up.  And you love to walk (demanding "I walk") but when you see strangers or are in somewhere new, you ask "hold hand?"  Sweetest thing ever.  Oh, and speaking of growing up - last week you got moved to the preschool class at church.  You are much happier there!

You are becoming more physically active.  You love to jump - namely on the couch and in your crib.  You are running around the yard anytime we are outside.  You enjoy swinging, riding on your tractor, playing ball of any kind, playing in sand, playing with bubbles, using sidewalk chalk, and anything involving golf clubs and/or golf balls.

You are starting to develop a love of art - you enjoy painting, coloring with markers and crayons, and playing with stickers.  I am trying to teach you colors but I'm not sure any of them have clicked yet.  You still LOVE Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University and have recently developed a new love of the movie Frozen, too.  You are a big, big fan of the iPad, which makes us really have to limit your screen time.

You love, love, love your sister.  She drives you batty - bossing you around, playing too rough, and stealing your toys at times.  But you still ask for her first thing every morning and ask for her when she is at school.  She is now really into playing school - and of course you are her pupil every day!  I hope you guys will start arguing less and continue to become best friends.

You are eating well and aren't too picky.  You don't love a lot of meat still, but will eat vegetables and fruits and bread all the time.  You already have a sweet tooth - asking for donuts out of the blue some days.  You had a week of TERRIBLE diaper rash that I'm suspecting had to do with teeth.  It was absolutely awful and hurt you so bad.  Luckily you are over it.  I haven't seen your canine teeth break through yet, but they are oh-so close!  You hate brushing your teeth - I think it tickles you and you put up a terrible fight every time.  You have been healthy other than a little bit of allergy-related stuffiness.  You screamed your face off when we went to the ENT to check your hearing and tubes - so we aren't sure if your hearing is improving or not, but the tubes are still in and working.

You're a blast to be around.  It can be exhausting when you are being clingy or whiney - and also equally exhausting during your before-bedtime wild time....but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  You love to make us laugh and your smile lights up a room.

I love you, sweet Spud!
Love, Mommy

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