Monday, March 31, 2014

21 Months Old

Dear Davin,

You are becoming more and more of a little boy and less of a baby - although I admit we are hanging on to a few "baby" things longer than we did with your sister probably.  You are a great mix of boy and baby, which is such a blessing since you will probably be our baby forever.

You love to talk and learn new words every single day.  We are able to communicate with you more.  Some examples are:
I told you we were having pancakes for breakfast and you started asking for "chup" (syrup).
I went to get you out of your bed and you greeted me with "Hello".
We will tell you some random thing and you respond with "ohhh".
You are constantly looking for "Bremma", especially when you wake up.
You love to say your prayers and start asking "Dear? Dear?" before we even start.
You request "help me" and "hold me" many times a day.
You try to Skype with people a lot and I think your favorite person you've skyped with yet is Jayla -  You kept requesting "Jeeeela, Jeeeela".

You've been on a bit of an eating strike.  It's subsiding now but you really weren't eating too well for a couple of weeks.  I think you may have had a touch of a stomach bug but you seem much better now.  I think your favorite food is "peeeeeza" and you request it often.  You also ask for juice and much prefer it over milk (boo).  You love pancakes, string cheese, any fruit you can get your hands on (you eat apples!  entire apples!  without me even cutting them for you!), Ritz crackers, macaroni and cheese, broccoli in small amounts, cookies, and chips with salsa.  You love to dip things - you saw ketchup at the restaurant the other day and said "ketup" which we didn't even know you knew how to say!  When you're in an eating mood, you put away more food than I do at dinner.  I dread my grocery bill as you grow older!

Your favorite activity is hands down playing basketball.  You beg to play at the Y every time we go.  You also are good at kicking the ball while Brenna plays soccer.  Pretty much anything involving a ball is your favorite - and it's a bonus if it's outside.  You love to climb on the playground at Brenna's school and your swing set here.  You are warming up to the trampoline and you love to ride in your stroller for walks.  You actually ask to ride in a "buggy" when I tell you we are going to a store.  You are fairly good in public, although you will run all over a store if we let you walk.  You run the halls of Brenna's school when we pick her up and have plenty of smiles for the people there.  When asked a question that starts with "Why...?" you almost always answer "Cause."  When asked a question that starts with "Where..." you almost always answer "Church."  I laugh every.single.time!

You are a Daddy's boy through-and-through.  If he's not around, you love to cling to me - but you would pick him almost every time over me.  I try not to let this bother me, but sometimes it's kind of sad.  I went to Honduras on a mission trip for a week so you got lots and lots of time with Daddy (and Neena) that week.  I missed you like crazy and had fun Facetiming with you a few mornings that week.  I still love rocking you to sleep and giving you some extra cuddles when you're tired.  You like to have some screen time on the iPad or my iPhone when you're tired (actually you'd play it anytime I let you).  You also like to watch a few tv shows if given the opportunity - you request to watch "Fia" (Sofia the First).  I guess that is what having a big sister will do to a boy.  A March Madness game was on yesterday and you were glued to the TV!

The weather is finally warming up and I'm looking forward to spending lots of time outside with you and Brenna.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings are special when it's just you and me - although we'll have a break from that routine this summer.  You are so fun and make me laugh lots each day.  You seem so grown up and so babyish, all wrapped up in a perfect little precious package.

I love you, Spud
Love, Mommy

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