Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 Months Old!

Dear Sweet Brenna,

Here we are, another month under our belts. Three months already? That's a big milestone. They say you aren't a newborn anymore. That's a pretty sad thought for me - your first "stage" is over! However, your third month has been a big one for you, and we've all really enjoyed it.

Your little personality is developing by leaps and bounds. You absolutely love to smile. You also giggle a lot, which is totally the best sound on earth to me! You will smile at anybody - and I just love to see you be so sweet to people when they try to talk to you. You've started trying to talk - and it's so sweet when you link a few syallables together. I can just tell that you have so much to say. It'll be fun to have conversations with you as you grow. I hope you always keep that sweet spirit and love all the people who love you. It's so nice to be able to leave you with friends and/or family when we need to and not worry about you. Thanks for being so flexible.

You've learned to touch your toes and you LOVE it! Today you almost put your foot in your mouth. I wonder if you'll be a gymnast? You also really love your playmat and playing with your toys on it. If the tv is on, though, you'll turn to watch it instead of your toys. Uh oh! The other day we were waiting in the car at Walgreens and you figured out how to pull your little vibrating hanging toy on your carseat and I was so proud. Oh, the things that make a mother smile. I couldn't wait to tell Daddy - and then you showed him how you did it. It's fun to watch you learn. Always value learning new things! You've played with your rattle a little bit, and even hugged your "first doll". Sometimes you even entertain yourself with your burp clothes. Gross, but true. I'll admit you are more high maintenance now - you must be entertained all the time. But, that's okay. We love entertaining you.

Nanie and Nana have enjoyed babysitting you over the past 2 weeks. You've been a good girl and been on a really good schedule. They both are going to miss you so much when they aren't getting to see you every day. We'll have to go visit a few times this summer!

We had our first Mother's Day together this month. It was priceless. Daddy made it so special for me - he made a frame full of pictures of you, a mold of your sweet hand, and a necklace engraved with your name and birthday. Such special gifts. We enjoyed time at church and then just some family time, which was perfect! I am excited to spend many, many more Mother's Days with you. I sometimes wonder how it'll feel to see you become a mother. But, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it! I can barely remember life without you. It seems like you've always been here and that you just got here - all at the same time. I'm pretty sure that might never change.

You are almost out of all your newborn clothes. Most of the 0-3 months fit okay but are a little big. You can still wear some of your newborn onesies and most all the newborn shorts, but the pants are just too short. You're so long!! You have a TON of 0-3 month clothes to wear, so that'll be fun! People love to buy you clothes (Mommy included) so you've got LOTS to choose from. Your diapers fit much better now and you look so cute in your colorful little diapers!

I only have 5 more workdays of this school year and then we'll have the whole summer together. I am SO excited about this! Sometimes I get so sad when I don't get to spend much waking time with you - so being able to be with you all the time again is going to be a very welcome change. Being a working mommy is hard, Brenna. I pray I will soak up all the time that I do get with you and not take it for granted.

I couldn't love anyone more than I love you. I hope you always know how much I love you - and I hope I am able to be the mommy I've always wanted to be. I would do anything for you, and I want you to know that I'll always be your biggest fan.

I love you my little Sprout - and we're off to month 4! What will it have in store for us?


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