Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Haircuts for Everyone!

Brenna and I had a girls day out yesterday. We headed to Salem so that my friend Janelle could cut and color my hair. I called Jonathan on the way and asked if he was okay with it if I had her trim Brenna's "bangs" because they were getting in her eyes - he said it was fine as long as I took pictures.

I wanted something different with my hair because it's been almost the same since I met Jonathan. I was picturing a little lighter color than last time and a cute, choppy cut at about my shoulders. So Janelle picked a great color and went to town. While it processed, she trimmed Brenna's hair. She even gave us a certificate and a little bag with her hair in it! So sweet.

The beginning of Brenna's cut

"Mom, this isn't so bad!"

Then, time for my cut. When she put her hand about where I was thinking, she said it was almost ten inches. A lightbulb went off in my head and I asked her how much you had to donate for the minimum length for Locks of Love. Wouldn't you know - 10 inches. So, after almost hyperventilating, I just went for it. It felt good to be able to donate my hair for that great cause, and I really do like the cut. It's BARELY long enough for a ponytail, which was pretty much my only requirement. Check it out for yourself - but ignore my no-makeup look. It's pretty common during the summer!
10 inches of hair gone - SCARY!
from the front (obviously)
from the back (ignore the ponytail lines!)

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  1. I think the cut looks awesome! I love it! I'm a big fan of the shorter hair. And, naturally, Brenna's trim looks spectacular. Still cute as a button.


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