Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brenna's First Wedding

Last weekend we loaded up the car and headed to Jonathan's parents' house to start celebrating Jonathan's cousin, Kevin's wedding to his very patient fiance Julianna. These two had dated for five years and had been engaged since around the time we got married - two years ago! Julianna waited for Kevin while he finished his Masters in Statistics (yeah, genius) at NC State and she finished her time at Radford. Kevin is honestly one of the nicest guys I've ever met - he is always sincere and loves the Lord with his whole heart. He's also head-over-heels for Julianna, which is just adorable. Julianna is a super fun girl who was just giddy all weekend. It was so fun to celebrate with them.

We headed to the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner (alone! The in-laws kept Angel Face for us so she wouldn't be a distraction at the rehearsal.) on Friday night. It was so fun to catch up with some of Jonathan's family. When Jonathan, his brother Brandan, and his cousins Stephen and Kevin get together - nobody can keep a straight face. They are hilarious. Jonathan is usually the instigator, which may surprise you. But oh gosh, these guys have some stories.

Then on Saturday I got Brenna ready while Jonathan helped Bill rake and put up hay on the farm. I also watched in admiration as my mother-in-law made their groom's cake - I knew better than to try to help. Sweet little Brenna slept all the way there AND through the whole wedding, thank goodness. I then fed her betweent he wedding and reception and she was awake during the reception to be passed around by no fewer than 20 friends and family members. It was HOT in the reception hall, but she was such a good sport. Jonathan was the DJ for the reception, so it was nice to have lots of people help me with Brenna so I could keep him company. Everything was beautiful, and both cakes were DELICIOUS. Brenna wants to try some cake at her next wedding - but I think she'll have to wait because we have 3 more weddings to go to (Chuck's, Sheri's, and Lisa's) before she turns 6 months old! Shew! Here are some pictures so you can see the sweet girl all dolled up at the wedding (and a few of us, too!)

Jonathan and Erin at the Rehearsal Dinner
The boys - Brandan, Jonathan, Kevin, and Stephen
sleeping through the wedding
Julianna and Kevin during the wedding
yummy cakes
Brenna at the reception with Nana
my hubby, the DJ
family photo
The groom giving Jonathan some instructions.
Brenna with her 2nd cousin Brooke
Brenna with her 2nd cousin Carrie
her first "dance" with Daddy at a wedding
double fourth cousins - Brenna and Stephen
(Jonathan's grandpa and Stephen's grandpa are brothers. Jonathan's grandma and Stephen's grandma are sisters. Yes, this is legal. This is also how he's kin to Kevin, the groom.)

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  1. Technically, Brenna's first wedding was Mallory's. She was just still in your tummy.


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