Thursday, June 10, 2010

The End...and the Beginning

Today I cried. It was the last day of school - the day I've been looking forward to since Brenna was born. But, for some reason, I cried when I was telling them our final goodbyes. They are a super sweet group and I really am telling the truth when I say I will miss them terribly. Of course I'm excited to spend my days with Brenna. But I will miss them nonetheless. I wonder if being a Mommy is to blame for my over-emotional goodbye. I think that's probably the culprit!

Jonathan brought Brenna to Field Day today. It was a blast. The kids couldn't get enough of her - and they didn't even care about the movie on the big screen TV in our room. All they wanted was some baby time. I can't blame them there.

We had Awards Day this morning where we celebrated some of their accomplishments this year. Then I showed them a DVD I made them with all our pictures from this year. So fun! I even gave them each a copy of it to keep! Then they gave me a gorgeous Silpada necklace and a sweet card and we gifted Mrs. Anderson, too!

Then Field Day!! We played lots of fun games - foot races, cone races with soccer balls, hula hoop contests, shoe-flinging contest, water balloon fights, and bobbing for apples. They had a blast! We also ate some food from different countries to go along with our "Exploring Diversity" theme. We had nachos, Indian Naan bread, ravioli, apple enchiladas, rice, and fortune cookies. It was all so yummy!

So, the end of the year has happened. Thirty minute faculty meeting tomorrrow and I'm done (not including 2 math conferences for the next 2 Mondays....bummer!). The summer is beginning. Brenna and I are joining a new gym tomorrow that has free childcare. Beach body, here I come!

Sad day. Happy day. Oh, how being a mommy changes things!

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