Monday, June 28, 2010

Things I Will Miss

Lately it seems like Brenna is changing so fast that I can't even keep up. I've thought a lot about all the things I'm going to miss when she's out of this stage. I know we have a ton of things to look forward to, but it hurts my heart to think about losing some of the things we're experiencing now. I guess this is why people have more than one kid, isn't it? Anyway, the things I will miss...
1. Her sweet little toothless grin. Oh my word, it melts my heart. It's the most fun thing about her, no doubt.
2. Her baby smell. I know soon enough she'll smell like green beans, pees, avocados, peaches, applesauce, and cereal. But for now I will just enjoy her milky little baby smell.
3. Her carseat/stroller combo. I LOVE having her face me when I put her infant seat in her stroller. The one time she rode facing outward, it drove me nuts. Do they make mirrors for strollers like they do for cars?
4. Her long naps. On days when two of her naps are long (like today) I'm in heaven because I spend the first nap cleaning up, washing diapers or clothes, steaming bottles, making muffins, planning dinner, ironing, doing the dishes, etc. Then I can join her for part of her 2nd nap and spend the rest of it blogging (like now!) Oh, these are the days!
5. "Firsts". It seems like everyday she has a "first". On some days it's big firsts - rolling over, laughing, pulling up. On other days they aren't so big - wearing jeans for the first time, putting her paci back in her mouth, noticing Maggie. But they are all important to us and I'll miss having things to celebrate most every day. Soon it'll be her first dance recital or volleyball game, first time on the Honor Roll, first prom, first date (eek!), first vacation without us..... then her first dance with her new husband, her first baby, and then she'll get to go through what we are getting to go through now. Time never stops, does it?
6. The questions/comments from strangers. I'm sure people comment on and ask questions about toddlers, but man babies just draw attention. And I just love bragging on her.
7. The newness of it all. She's almost four months old - and in some ways it seems longer than that. A lot of people say they can't remember life without their baby/kids. I remember life before her. I could nap when I wanted, go to the gym when I wanted, go on vacation when I wanted, sleep in, enjoy dinner out with just Jonathan. I also LONGED for a baby of my own. I thought about it all the time. I wanted to be a mommy long before I said "I do" two years ago. And now I am. I remember what life was like, and although sometimes it was easier - it didn't hold a candle to the way I feel about our family now. One day I really won't remember life without Brenna, and I'm okay with that. But I do enjoy the newness of it all and learning to be parents with the most amazing hubby and daddy ever!
8. Our routine. My type A personality loves having a routine and my right-brainedness loves adventure. I definitely like knowing what to (kinda) expect during our days here at home together. But I'm sure it's fun to wake up each day not knowing, too!
9. Her little baby babble. She has SO MUCH to say and I love hearing her express it (even though I have no clue what she's saying). It will be fun to carry on a conversation that we both understand one day, but I love hearing her just babble and giggle away. It's just pure innocence and I adore it!
10. Introducing her to the important people in our lives. Most all the people we love the most in the world have met her, but a few still haven't. I'll miss that feeling of seeing friends and family meet and hold her for the first time as a baby. It's just such a feeling of love!

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  1. I like this list. Thanks for posting it. I have some of the same things on my in-my-head list.


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