Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why I need a new job...

I'm very bad at turning my "3rd grade teacher-ness" off when I'm, well, not being a 3rd grade teacher. Case in point.... Last night we were at a Sister Hazel concert in Roanoke. We were about 10 feet from the stage and about 3 people deep back standing on the platform in front of the stage. Well, as the concert starts, somebody from the local radio station came up to make an announcement. I sincerely wanted to scream out, "Do you people not hear that man talking? Show some respect and listen to him!" I refrained, but I had to make a conscious effort not to go off on those bad people who would, gasp!, talk while someone else was talking.

Then came the drunk group that squeezed right next to us and pushed another set of people back. Oh, I was fuming. The friend of the girl they pushed out of the way tried, quite politely I might add, to explain the problem to them. They said some expletives back. Oh, how I wanted to do some conflict resolution here. I first wanted to give them a stern "talkin' to", preferably after taking them out into the hall and giving them the mean Mrs. Halsey look. Then I wanted to slap them (okay, I don't do THAT in 3rd grade - but I can't say there haven't been a few times I've wanted to). Then I had to hold myself back from taking the camera (and beer) out of their hands and throwing it as far as I possibly could. The "I'd rather not be in jail for assault and battery tonight because how would I nurse Brenna?" feeling prevailed over the "These people need to learn a lesson and by golly I'm going to be the one to teach it to them" feeling. Barely. We won't even talk about how I wanted to give parenting lessons to the idiot who was up in that hot, sweaty, packed mess with their baby who was about Brenna's age or less - and throwing him up and down in the air. There was PLENTY of room in the grass to go lounge with your baby. Geez.

My conclusion? Everybody should spend one year in "Mrs. Halsey Bootcamp". And perhaps I should find a job where I don't see everybody I run in to as an impressionable third grader.

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  1. I have to remind myself that Brett is not my student sometimes, so I totally understand.


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