Friday, May 14, 2010


Merritt wrote the coolest post today. I'm copying it. It was talking about what would happen if she woke up tomorrow and couldn't remember the past 3 years. I really want to read the book that inspired her post! Anyway, here's what I think I would be asking/wondering if I woke up and couldn't remember anything that happened for the past 3 years...
*I would think that I had just gotten back from India.
*I wouldn't know that Jonathan propossed or that we got married 2.5 months later.
*I wouldn't have met Sienna (or Rhys and Owen for that matter) - Kelley and Jonathan would still be in India!
*I wouldn't know my favorite Lisa in the whole wide world.
*I'd be surprised that I live with Jonathan and our baby (what? I had a baby?) instead of Sheri!
*I'd have to go through losing Susan all over again.
*I wouldn't know that I had a brother-in-law (actually 2!) or that my sister had gotten married.
*I wouldn't know that Sheri was engaged, or even know who Justin was!
*The words "Aventura Spa Palace" would mean nothing to me.
*I'd never remember meeting Baby London for the first time. I also wouldn't remember ever holding and cuddling Cara, Jacob, Addie, or Jayla!
*I wouldn't remember a day of teaching 3rd grade math.
*I'd be very confused about how big my classroom is now.
*I wouldn't remember lots of trips to Nascar races and Braves games.
*I'd wonder when in the world we got actual nice furniture - when did we grow up??
*I wouldn't remember pregnancy, labor, or the first 10 weeks of Brenna's life.
*I would be totally amazed at what an awesome life I'm living!

3 years ago, my life was pretty good - totally fun/caring/hot boyfriend who finally said the 3 little words, a job where I loved the people I worked with (not the best group of students that year, but I digress...), a cute townhouse in a great town with a best friend, and great dreams for the future. However, I never could have imagined where I'm at now. I'm married to my best friend, we are blessed with great jobs, friends, church, and families, and we get the honor of being parents to one of God's greatest works! It makes my heart giddy to see what 3 more years has in store for us....and ready to enjoy the ride!


  1. wow! it's crazy to think how much changed in just 3 years!!! Think about what the next 3 years will hold!!! :) I do miss our cute little townhouse though! ;-)

  2. You'd never know you had this blog! :)


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