Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Months Old!

Dear Brenna,

I'm not quite sure why I'm writing you this letter, because I am pretty sure I just wrote your one month post yesterday. Time is flying, and although we are enjoying every second of it, you are just growing up too fast! You are the most precious baby and you have made my life a million times better in 2 short months!

The two of us got to spend this month together, too. It was so, so, so fun! We went walking at the Rec Center a lot, to Target way too many times, and to visit my 3rd graders a couple more times, too. This month you also took your first road trip - we went to Greenville, SC to see Kelley, Kiran, and Sienna and to meet Rhys and Owen. We also stopped in Concord, NC for you to meet Aunt Pat and Uncle Glenn. And we also took a day trip down to Atlanta for your first Braves game. Aren't your parents cool? You've already traveled more than some adults I know! While we're at it, I should mention you also went to another baseball game - a minor league Salem Red Sox game where my students got recognized for their excellent reading. They all got to hold you that day - and oh my goodness were they excited! You were a great sport - thanks for loving them as much as I do!

You're definitely growing. I don't know your stats - your appointment isn't until this Friday. I hate to tell you this, but you are going to have to get a few shots on that day. I'm dreading it, and you would be too if you knew about them! But they are important so you'll stay healthy! I'm pretty sure you are at least 10 pounds by now - and you've really gotten longer. Some of your newborn clothes are getting a little small, especially in the length. You've worn a few 0-3 month outfits, and you can now wear your size small cloth diapers without leaking! Yay! I'm surprised that you are on the smaller size, since you were so big at birth. But, you are hitting all your milestones and growing plenty, so I know you are healthy and that is all that matters!

You have really started developing your personality - and I LOVE it! You love to smile at people when they smile at you, and you'll even giggle every now and then. It melts my heart. Every time you do it, Daddy or I yell for the other one to come watch. We've seen it hundreds of times now, and it gets us every time! We just adore you! You have really worked hard at getting yourself on a great 3 hour schedule. Mommy didn't even have to really do it! You usually eat, play with us for a little while, and then take a nap. You don't always do this in the afternoons, but you tend to always get tired before it's time to eat again. You eat about 4 oz. six or seven times a day. You've had to take bottles more now that I've gone back to work, and you are doing great! You sleep from about 11 every night until 6 in the morning when I feed you before I leave. Now that we've worked out our nursing issues, I love it. I just love providing for you, and I know that it's the best nutrition for you!

I mentioned that I went back to work. Yesterday was my first day, and it was so hard leaving you. I trusted that Kristen would be a great substitute for me, but I just want you all to myself! I don't want to miss anything you do, but I know that I have to work to provide for you and our little family. Just save all your "firsts" for when I'm home, okay? I'm definitely out the door of school a lot faster these days - I can't wait to get home to you.....even if you do fall asleep right before I get home!

I love every single thing about you, little girl. You couldn't be any more perfect in my eyes, and I can't wait to get to know you even more. Daddy and I can't wait to build a lifetime of memories with you in them - we are going to have so much fun! And speaking of Daddy, I just want to make sure you know how lucky you and I are! Some daddies don't really help out with babies, but yours does. He would do anything for you (and me!) and you'll be able to tell that all the time! He actually stayed home with you today since Kristen had an exam, and he loved it. It's a tiring job - but we both love it when we are able to do it! Always respect your Daddy and remember that it's hard for a Daddy to watch his little girl grow up. Take it easy on him, okay? He couldn't be more proud of you - and neither could I! We love to talk about you to our friends, coworkers, or even strangers. You've sure taken over our world!

I can't wait to celebrate my first Mother's Day with you this week. Thanks for making me a Mommy - I will try to deserve the privilege of you calling me by that name! I love you, my little Sprout, and I'll be typing up your 3 month post before the blink of an eye!


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  1. Sweet letter for a sweet baby. I'm so glad I got to meet her while she was tiny.


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