Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Busy Summer

It's gearing up to be another jam-packed summer. I'm excited about that.....but I also know it will make it fly by, which means I'll be back at work before I have time to blink! Anyhow, here is the rundown on our summer plans.

Tonight - Festival in the Park to see Sister Hazel - YIPEE!
June 4 - I'm throwing a lingerie shower for my 3rd grade teacher friends Sheri & Lisa for their upcoming weddings!
June 5 - I head to Galax for a Luncheon for Sheri.
June 6 - I head to Giles for Sheri's church shower.
June 11 - Last day of school!
June 12 - We all go to Fries for Jonathan's gig. Should be, um, interesting.
June 14 - Math conference - yuck!!
June 18/19 - Kevin and Julianna's rehearsal dinner/wedding. Jonathan is DJing!
June 25 - Possible getaway with some college friends
July 16/17 - Chuck and Brandy's rehearsal/wedding. Jonathan is a groomsman!
July 23/24 - Sheri and Justin's rehearsal/wedding. I'm a bridesmaid!
July 25 - July 31 - Beach with April, Jer, and London. SO EXCITED!!
July 26 - Our 2nd wedding anniversary. Maybe we'll have a date at the beach if the Bashams will watch the munchkin!
August 7 - We all head to Richmond for Lisa and Kevin's wedding.
August 21 - Possibly heading to Bristol for the race - we'll see!
August 23 - My first day back at school for workdays.
August 30 - Kiddos come back!
And a picture, just for fun!

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  1. SLOW DOWN! :)

    Also, tell Sheri that July 24th is the BEST day to get married. I know.


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