Friday, May 1, 2009

Are you Kidding Me?

Here's the reason for my stress today.

My kids were packing up to go home for the weekend and copying down homework in their planners. I wrote Social Studies: S.S. SOL Test next Wednesday! They copy it down. Then a few of them say, "Is it a practice SOL?". Um, excuse me? This conversation followed:
Me: No!!! It's the real one?
Kids: WHAT?
Me: Guys, seriously. Why do you think I've said, "We only have one week until our SOL tests start" all week?
One of the Sweeties: I thought you meant we still had a whole week.
Me: We did! I've been saying that since Monday!
Kids: Ohhhhhhh. Then scramble around to pack all 3 of their interactive SS notebooks into their backpacks to study. Heaven help us.

On a lighter note, they all did pass the practice test from 2007 we did last week. 15 pass advanced, 4 pass proficient. So, they may not have known the test was next week (I still don't know how!), but they at least know the material. Now, let's not talk about the reading test. That's in 2 weeks. Wonder if they know about that one?

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