Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 Day Weekend

I am so, so excited about this three day weekend. We don't have a lot planned - but it will just be nice to have an extra day away from school. The weeks after SOL testing are always rough, because the kids seem to think school is over. I'm trying to do some last-minute units to wrap things up and get them ready for fourth grade. Anyway, 13 more days (not counting the one last personal day I plan on taking sometime!). Speaking of school, ALL of my kids did pass their History SOL test. Yep, 100%. Super awesome - never happens at my school and it happened in 3 of the 4 third grade classes this year! Wahoo!!

In other, more exciting, news - we put our house on the market last night. We are listing it for about $14,000 more than Jonathan paid 3 years ago....which is more than most have sold for. But, it is 9,000 - 13,000 less than the other two listed in our neighborhood right now. We'll see what happens. We did go look at that house in Blacksburg and we loved it as much in person as in the pictures we had seen. We're researching some comps in the neighborhood and history of the property to see what the best offer would be. The only problem, of course, is that we have to sell one to be able to buy one. This house is definitely perfect for our family - and is exactly what we want, though. It has a very nice, flat yard, a guest bedroom AND guest full bath on the lower level, a family room with a fireplace, a nice patio and deck, and 3 bedrooms on the upper floor. Should bode well for the 5 kids we're planning on! ;) Oh, I hope this is the one!

Tonight I will cook Indian food for the 2nd time in my life. Granted I use kits to make it, but still! April and Jeremy (and Tad) are coming to enjoy it with us. Yay for good friends! :)

And, today I'll leave you with the only 3 pictures taken during the Lower Girls Reunion on Wednesday. Ironically they are all of me and Baby Cara. I don't really mind....


  1. Yes I can. Loud and clear! ;) Notice there are no pictures of me with her after she started screaming during the last 3 hours of their visit. I must admit, there is something appealing about handing them back when that starts. As if you would know anything about screaming babies...


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