Friday, May 8, 2009

In Demand

Apparently I'm in high demand this summer. My three (ahem, two and a half) months off are quickly filling up. Speak now if you need me at your event! Here is what's up so far...

9 - Mother's Day with Lois (my mom is in AZ)
13 - VGLAS are due, hallelujah!!!
15 - SOLs are over for us! We did it!!
29 - Keith concert with Sheri
30 - Angie and Derrick's wedding

6 - Running a 3K (I know, weird) at Green Hill Park, Salem with my hubby
11 - Last day of school
14 - Kelley and Jonathan come to VA for a day!
20 - My first 5K with Kelley in Spartanburg - check it out!
27 - My sister's wedding shower in Bristol
28 - Head to the beach (what beach you ask? who knows!) with my lower girls and baby Cara

3 - Back from the beach
4 - Freedom Blast 09 - Green Hill Park
11 - Lingerie shower for my sister in Bristol
26 - Our one year anniversary - Head to the beach with the Bashams

1 - Back from the beach
8 - My sister becomes Mrs. Smith
11 - Training at work
15 - My 2nd 5K (hopefully) - Green Hill Park, Salem
26ish - Back to school, so soon?

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