Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Friend of the Week - Sheri

Sheri is going to really appreciate being my second friend of the week. She knows how stressed I am (she is) this week about SOLs and VGLAs, so the fact that I'm taking the time to write this should be a great feeling, haha! Sheri is my 3rd grade teaching buddy. We trade off kids every afternoon, and trade off complaints and compliments about them each afternoon. She gets me. She totally, 100% gets me. That's hard to do.

Did I mention we used to live together? We lived together and are STILL best of friends. Quite a feat, right? Actually, I've had great roommates throughout my adulthood. But, anyway. When I signed a lease with Sheri I barely knew her. It was at the end of my 1st year at Macy and I needed a new roommate and wanted to head over to the Burg. April A. suggested Sheri (who I didn't work with so hardly knew), we went that day to look at apartments, and were future roommates an hour or two later. It was great. We had so many good times just hanging out and going off (SOL time is stressful, cut us some slack). She was an awesome help during my first (and second, and third...) year in 3rd grade. Oh, and here's a great story. When I was planning to go to India to visit Kelley (Friend of the Week 1) and her hubby and new baby, I was going by myself. That is until one day Sheri walked in my room and announced that she was going to. WHAT? Yep, her awesome parents told her not to pass up the opportunity. So, we got shots, passports, malaria pills, and new modest clothing and headed out.

We had a blast. So what if we got stuck in Moscow with no ticket, passport, or translator. We made it back - granted without Sheri's luggage, but you know how that goes. Unfortunately, she grew up and bought a house and I grew up and got a husband with a house, and we are no longer roommates. But, we are still BFFs for sure! Oh, and we are going to see Keith Urban for her birthday. I must love her, right? I have more pictures of us on my computer - but VGLAs are calling my name, and I know she'll understand that. I love you Miss Miller!!!

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