Monday, May 18, 2009

Fly in the Soup

My husband just said, "Not to be a fly in the soup, but it's pretty boring when you're not a teacher and you read a blog about SOLs." So, here's to a blog that has nothing to do with SOLs.

We're thinking about buying a house. There are two main reasons for this. We want a yard and we like the interest rates right now. However, we're slaving away at paying off my student loans, and a higher mortgage is going to really put a damper on this. So, we're trusting God to help us make the perfect decision for our situation.

Up until this weekend, we'd decided to wait until next Spring. Then we found a bunch we liked that are in our price range. And today I found one that is a little out of our price range, but I think it's my dream house. Oh my gosh, I drool just thinking about it. It's in Blacksburg, which is ideal. It has 1/2 acre of flat land, which is hard to find in our price range. It has 4 bedrooms (3 upstairs and 1 downstairs), 3 bathrooms (2 upstairs and 1 downstairs), a good sized living room, a remodeled master bath with awesome tile and fixtures, and the best kitchen on Earth. It's been remodeled and has white cabinets, light greenish walls, and stainless steel fixtures and island. It's painted so nicely, it looks super nice, and we both just love it. We haven't even been in yet - this is just from pictures. We're going Friday (or hopefully sooner) to look. I really hope it isn't sold by then - sweet houses in Blacksburg go FAST! I know if it is "our" house, it will be there and they will accept a lower offer AND we will sell our townhouse. But, oh, I love this house.

In other news, my lower girls are coming to visit! Ashley is fanatical about Macado's, so we're heading there while she's home from FL. Christy is bring baby Cara and Mary is coming, too. We'll miss you Lo! It's so fun to catch up with them - and adding Cara to the mix just makes it better.
And last on today's new IPOD. I happened upon $100 in Wal-Mart gift cards and spent them on a new IPOD nano. I love it. It makes running so much more fun and quick! I'll have a prize for the best recommendation for a playlist that will keep me motivated during my daily runs. Heavy metal lovers need not apply. Oh, and my ipod is blue. That makes me a good wife. Everything in me wanted the pink one, but I knew my hubby wouldn't be too keen on borrowing a pink one. How cool am I?


  1. so did you go see the house?

  2. Yep, currently writing a new post about it. You can check it out on under MLS number 200238. Or, I'll take you in person in 3 weeks!!! Still looking on the hotels for your friends by the way.


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