Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Friend of the Week - Kelley

As I was driving home yesterday, I had an idea. A corny idea, but hey, it's my blog. So, here it is. I'm going to do a tribute to one friend each week. I have some of the most amazing friends on Earth, so I thought it'd do me some good to remind myself how lucky I am. Let's start with the friend who showed me what a blog was - so this is all her fault, really.

Kelley and I both ended up in the middle of nowhere about 5 years ago. She with her husband, I with myself. It was my first year teaching, her 2nd year, and God knew we were gonna need each other. I won't go in to too many details about the less-than-par place we taught, because that doesn't really matter. What does matter is that I met one of my greatest friends because of this place. Do you know what I mean when I say "heart-friend"? Well, that's Kelley. Our lives are quite different - she lived in South Asia for 2 years while I fell in love with Jonathan here in Blacksburg. She has birthed the first 2 of her many babies, and I have yet to birth one. She owns a minivan. I'm quite far away from that stage (but hey, anything can happen!) But, she is somebody I can go to - no matter what. I laugh with her, cry with her, and she has prayed for me probably more than most people (except my mom of course, I was quite the problem child). She drove 3 hours with a screaming baby 3 weeks after birthing her to be my matron of honor and was happy to do it. She loves me for who I am - and isn't afraid to tell me when I'm being irrational, crazy, or just plain ridiculous. She's honest and compassionate in one. She is one of the first people I call when I have big news - whether it be happy or sad. Even though we don't talk as often as we did during the Happy Valley days, it doesn't seem to matter. We can pick right back up like we're just down the street. Here are some pictures of times I've spent with Kelley over the past several years....
Ok, so a few aren't of Kelley. But Kiran is just too cute to be included. And the only picture I have of Sienna is in the picture in a post below when she was 3 weeks old to the day. Oh, I just love those kids. Here's to many more years of friendship with their mama! I love you Kel!


  1. Aw you are going to make me cry! I feel so honored to be your friend of the week. You are precious. I'm so thankful God put us in 5th grade together! He knew what He was doing! Love you!

  2. Hooray for Kelley! She's all those wonderful things, I agree!


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