Friday, April 10, 2009


Ok, so I'm officially worried about SOL tests this year. These kids are SO unredictable... especially my 2nd afternoon math class. I really shouldn't have graded math tests on the first day of our (crappy 4 day) Easter break. But, I did. These kiddos can't bubble in answers on a bubble sheet - and we've been doing it for 4 months now! They'll just skip 2, 3, 5, 10 questions and not even try to bubble them in. DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!! Not to mention the fact that they won't read questions OR work problems out. Oh, and did I mention that they can't rhyme or recognize beginning/middle/ending sounds of words. Oh, they can make inferences, draw conclusions, and pick out paragraph-specific answers for reading all day. But find a word with the same beginning sound as toast? Nope. We've practiced. I've bribed, begged, pleaded, and threatened. Oh, and taught. Yes, I've taught rhyming in 3rd grade. We've bingoed, drawn, sang, and rapped. We still can't rhyme. Oh please let the reading SOL test be heavy on comprehension and light on skills. Wow, never thought I'd say that! Oh, and did you know Columbus was our first president? This is going to be the longest, shortest month of my life.

In other news, my husband is finally home! He was in Raleigh all week - with the computer! I missed the computer, but I really missed him. Now, it's off to his parents' house for Easter. Let the yummy eating begin.

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