Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year in Review

*Davin started crawling.
*We finally got a Macbook!

*Brenna spent a week with her grandmas while J, Dav, and I went to DC.  Davin and I hung around the hotel, visited the Smithsonian, hung out with Merritt for a day, and had some dinner dates with Daddy.
*We celebrated Valentine's Day at PF Changs in DC.
*We celebrated my birthday by driving home from DC to pick up Brenna.  We stopped to see Sheri, Leah, and Justin on the way.
*Davin finally started tolerating baby food.

*Brenna turned THREE and we celebrated with a Candyland party.
*Brenna started her first season of soccer at the Y.
*We celebrated Easter at Pine Mountain.
*I got a belated birthday gift - both my diplomas professionally framed!

*Davin, Brenna, and I spent a week in Bristol.
*Maggie turned SEVEN!
*Brenna had her first of many swimming lessons.
*I started a hardcore diet and exercise regime.

*I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mother of two!
*We spent over a week at the beach.  We were there from Saturday-Tuesday with the Bashams and Wednesday-Sunday with my mom, Mal, Josh, and Brady.
*J got to spend the first day of vacation fixing the starter on our car - which died literally 5 minutes or less after we parked at the beach condo.
*We had extended family pictures made on vacation.
*Davin learned to walk!
*Davin started eating like a crazy person!

*Davin turned ONE and we celebrated with a Mr. Potato Head party.
*We spent Father's Day in Virginia - we went to The Freedom Center and hung out with the Bashams.
*We had a playdate with Jude and Leah (and Lisa and Sheri) in Dublin, VA.
*We went to Sara and Steven Malik's wedding in Radford, VA.
*We attended an Abel family reunion in Abingdon, VA.
*The kids and I had lots of park trips, visits to the Y, and lots and lots of outdoor play time.

*I was a reader in Ashley and Curtis Bumgardner's wedding in Emory, VA.
*We went to the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg with Donna, Jayla, Brad, Mom, Mal, Josh, and Brady.
*Sheri and Leah came to visit us for a few days.
*We celebrated our 5th anniversary at the NC Zoo with Brenna and Davin.
*I weaned Davin.
*Davin dropped his morning nap AND finally moved to his own room.
*Brenna did swimming lessons most of the summer.

*Brenna and Davin spent a weekend with Neena and Pa Bill.  J and I got a date night in downtown Hickory.
*I spent 2 days in Asheville with Christy and Lora - with lots of shopping, catching up, eating, and a Biltmore tour!
*Brenna had her first dentist appointment.
*Brenna moved to a big girl twin bed.
*Davin had another ear infection.
*We celebrated Brady's 2nd birthday in Bristol.

*Brenna started preschool.
*We went to Justin and Brandie Huelsman's (I know I spelled that wrong) wedding here in NC.
*The Hainrihars moved to Missouri.  :(
*We went to a family reunion for Jonathan's family on Pine Mountain.
*Brenna started her second season of soccer at the Y.
*We met up with Brandan and Rachel in Winston Salem for a Sister Hazel concert.  Jonathan's dad was here and watched the kids.

*My mom came to visit.  Jonathan and I spent the day in Blacksburg with Darin and Lyndsie to watch the Hokies defeat UNC.
*I chopped off my hair.
*Jonathan and I went to Nashville, TN for Alana and Jason Hilkin's wedding.  The kids stayed with my mom.
*We went to Dollywood with Donna, Jayla, Brad, Mom, Mal, Josh, and Brady.
*We finally purchased our house in Newton, NC.
*We went apple picking.
*We went back to the balloon festival in Statesville, NC.
*Brenna had her first field trip - to Red Wolf Pumpkin farm.  The rest of us tagged along.
*We trick-or-treated around our neighborhood.  Brenna was a swimmer and Davin was a fish.
*I threw a baby shower for Lauren Bliss and Baby Shane.
*J worked 12 hours on his birthday. :(

*Neena and Pa Bill kept the kids for a weekend.  Jonathan and I spent the day at Ikea and had dinner in Charlotte with my cousins.
*Brenna and I went to the Renaissance festival near Charlotte with Sissy.
*Brenna and I went to see Willy Wonka by a local theater group.
*I cooked a full Thanksgiving meal for Jonathan's dad.
*We spent Thanksgiving with my family and 2 days afterwards with Jonathan's family in VA.

*Brenna started basketball at the Y.
*We cut down a Christmas tree in Vale, NC.  It was a little bigger than we anticipated - but gorgeous!
*We visited Santa at the mall.  Bren did great - Dav was terrified.
*We hosted a Pajamas and Pancakes party for a few of Bren's friends.
*Jonathan took Brenna on a date to dinner and to see Peter Pan downtown.
*Jonathan, Davin, and I joined Brenna at school for a Chic-fil-a feast.
*Brenna enjoyed Polar Express day in her pjs at school.
*I made a million signs for people!
*We hosted a Minute to Win It Christmas party for our life group friends.
*We took homemade treats to our neighbors, postal workers, garbage men, firemen, and police officers.
*Santa came on Dec 21 - such fun!
*We went to the Hickory parade downtown.
*We went to Troutman, NC to see Christmas lights - We ended up seeing a random bunch of lights, a baby tiger and a baby kangaroo, and 3 live tigers.  Most random night ever!
*We spent 2 days with J's family, then 3 days with my family, then 1 day with J's dad and stepmom.  We finally made it home on Dec 29!

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