Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Lesson I Didn't Mean to Teach

Today I taught Brenna a lesson I didn't even mean to.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  Today was already prepped to be a day of learning for her.  We had baked lots of yummy treats, packaged them up, and were going to head out to take them to some Fire Stations, Police Stations, Post Offices, etc.  But this morning just wasn't going my way.  The brownies weren't setting up quick enough. The vinyl for the signs I was making got eaten by my machine.  Then it cut crooked.  Then it peeled off wrong.  So, in an effort to get out the door at a reasonable time - I decided to stick the brownie in the freezer for just a few minutes so the candy cane things in the middle wouldn't be runny.  So I opened the freezer door.....which prompted Brenna's lunch box to fall, knocking the plate (and all the yumminess) out of my hand.  It was the last straw.  I know I muttered something like "This cannot be happening" and then it hit me.  She was watching.  So even though everything inside me wanted to just lay down on the floor, cry, and eat some brownies while I was down there...I didn't.  I told her that "accidents happen" and we just picked them up.  I even let her eat one.  And she kept coming hugging me saying, "I am sorry they all fell Mommy."  She was being compassionate when she knew I needed it - but hopefully she saw from me that life happens.  Sometimes it is messy, but getting mad and frustrated just makes it worse.

So yeah, we took some goodies to some public servants today.  We even got an up-close look at a fire truck.  But the lesson for the day wasn't about serving others.  It doesn't happen all that often - but today I am proud of what my daughter saw in me.

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