Friday, December 13, 2013

One and a Half!!

Dear Davin,

You are officially closer to being two than to being one.  That is incredibly hard for me to fathom.  Your second year is absolutely flying by!  You are really turning into a toddler and losing a lot of your baby traits - which is hard to handle for this mommy.  You are lots and lots of fun and keep us laughing, so we are trying to just enjoy this stage before it, too, passes.

One of the biggest recent changes is your vocabulary.  You are trying a lot more to use words to communicate with us - which is sometimes successful and sometimes total gibberish.  Some of the words you say the most are - Memo (Elmo), hat (you point at your hat rack and yell HAT! every morning when I get you out of your crib), shoe, owshy (outside), Ma (or Ma-ma - both Maggie), Daddy, Mommy, Bremma, Neena, Nanie, Gama (Grandma), mo (more), peese (please), bye bye (You say bye-bye anytime I say "I love you" ha!), choo choo, book, baby (You like to point at the canvases of you and Bren on the wall), ca (cracker), and Hi (to anyone who looks your way, complete with a wave!)  Oh, and NO!  You have mastered it - and use it often when we ask you something that you aren't too happy about.  You love to dance and will dance on command if I hold your hands or tell you to "shake your booty".  You also like to clap and say "yay" anytime you hear clapping.  You are more interested in TV if it's on - especially PBS type shows (oh, and Home Alone.  You were a big fan!).

You cut your first top molar earlier this week (around December 10) and I hope that's the reason you haven't been sleeping as well.  You have had several shorter naps this week (1 hour - whereas you usually sleep at least 3 - and up to 4.5!)  You are harder to get down at night and wake up a few times for a paci or some back-patting.  Speaking of - last night was a milestone.  Daddy went in to rock you to sleep and you actually said "Mommy".  I have no idea if you really were asking for me - but I rocked you and enjoyed it!  I love rocking you for your naps, too.  You just get so comfy in my arms and I know these days are going by too quickly.  You still are attached like crazy to Daddy - but you are coming back around to being Mommy's buddy again too.

You and Brenna play together a lot - and argue a lot too.  You are learning quickly to not let her bully you around - and she isn't taking to kindly to it.  She is really sweet with you a lot of the times - but she sure doesn't like for you to have something she wants or if you are getting too much attention.  I really hope the fussing will slow down and you guys will become even better friends over the next few months.  We do still enjoy the days that she is at school - it gives you more one-on-one time with me and it's a blast!  We've been running lots of errands lately and people always comment on how cute you are.  And I agree!!

You are eating about the same - but will eat deli meat again, yay!  You love cheese, yogurt, fruit, bread, corn, green beans, crackers, and any sweet treat you can get your hands on.  You prefer juice over milk or water - but we trick you and water it way down when you do get it.  You are still wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes with some 18-24 shirts in there.

You LOVE iPads and iPhones.  It's so funny to see you go toward them if they are in your line of sight.  We are going to have our hands full between you and your sister and monitoring screen time.  It's too cute when you pile up on our laps and lay back to see something on the screen though.

We went and cut down a Christmas tree and so far you haven't messed with it too much - and even the presents haven't gotten too messed up so far.  I am looking SO forward to Christmas celebrations with you and Bren this year - you are both going to have so much fun.  We also had a Pancakes and Pajamas party here last week - and you were super clingy to me until you found some other moms who were willing to feed you some more yummy food.

You make every day a good one.  I love you so much Spud!
Love, Mommy

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