Sunday, January 12, 2014

19 Months Old

Dear Davin,

Another year is on us - and boy have you started it with a bang!  You have become one feisty, energetic little boy.  You are on the go ALL the time - and with that has come a little bit of a lag in your awesome sleeping.  But, you are FUN FUN FUN right now!

Since your last month day we have had lots of Christmas excitement!  We went to see lights at a zoo (I guess you'd call it that?  It was quite weird), went to Brenna's Christmas program at school, went to the local Christmas parade, celebrated Santa coming and gifts with just us four, and then a couple days with Neena and Pa Bill, another couple of days with Nanie, and then a day with Grandpa.  You got to see lots and lots of extended family on both sides - and you got to see Leah one day while we are in Bristol!!  You had tons of fun - although I have to say your favorite gift was a $5 basketball goal with suction cups and a basketball to go with it!  You can throw a ball surprisingly well.  You love love love to play catch!  You got lots of outdoor toys - which I know we'll put to good use as soon as it warms up again!  You still stand at the door and beg "ow shide" numerous times a day.  You also got lots of farm-related and train-related toys - both of your two loves these days.

Your other LOVE is still books.  You are precious when you back up and plop down in our laps to read a story.  Some of your favorites are: Tickle Monster, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and anything with animals, trains, touch-and-feel, or Sesame Street characters.  You are perfectly content to read the same book 10+ times in a sitting.  You also still love to play kid games on the iPad or iPhone.  You really like the "Monster at the End of this Book" with Elmo and Grover.  I'm amazed at how well you can operate the iPad already.

You are still a pretty good eater but are still not loving much meat.  You will eat broccoli, cheese, pasta, meatloaf, green beans, crackers, and any "junk" without much coaxing.  You drink mostly milk and water with some juice mixed in.  You haven't had any ear infections per se - but you've had lots of fluid on your ears so Dr. Hata may recommend us to see an ENT specialist in a couple of weeks.  Speaking of which, you had your 18 month checkup last week and checked out great.  You are growing almost perfectly on a curve.  You were 22 pounds, 14.5 ounces; 32 1/2 inches tall, and your head was 48 cm.  She was impressed with how many words you can say (approximately 50-60) and all your milestones.  You got your 3rd and 4th bottom teeth the week before Christmas and cut your first bottom molar sometime during the week we were gone on our visiting.  You are working on your top and bottom molar on the left side now.

You still sleep 12ish hours a night - but just over the past 3-4 nights have been waking up and throwing huge fits.  I really hope it is just teeth or something and not a habit you are starting.  You also have been taking shorter naps - 1.5-2 hours rather than your usual 3+.  I am hoping those will stretch out again soon!  You still go to sleep relatively easy but still need to be rocked.  It is one of my most favorite times with you - you are just so cuddly.

You and Bren are forming a great friendship.  You get mad at her and throw things sometimes, but for the most part you enjoy being her sidekick.  She manipulates you to get what she wants, but she is also so sweet and affectionate to you.  I pray all the time that you guys will have a very close friendship.  We enjoy our 1-on-1 time while she is at preschool by running errands, going to the Y, dancing a lot, reading books, playing blocks and trucks, and lots and lots of basketball.  You are fairly easy going when we have to be out a lot.  I enjoy having you with me! :)

Your vocabulary is growing and it's so cute.  You love to shout "HI!" and "BYE!" and wave to people you know and complete strangers alike.  You like to yell for Daddy and Mommy when we leave the room.  You like giving "Ma" (Maggie) hugs.  You say "peeeease" and "cha choo" (thank you) like a good little gentleman.  You beg for "cooooookies" but will also say "broccee" (broccoli).  You can point to your eyes, nose, and mouth on command.  You know that lions say "rawr" and cows say "moo".  OH, and you can work a puzzle!  You worked a farm animal puzzle with 6 big block pieces (the kind that just fit in a groove, not fit together) the other day all on your own.  I was amazed!  You are turning into a full-fledged toddler, and while I do miss my baby - I am enjoying you growing up like crazy!

Love you Spud!
Love, Mommy

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