Saturday, February 22, 2014

20 Months Old

Dear Davin,

You've had another big month of growing into quite the little toddler.  You and Brenna have been playing together more and more and you're finally big enough to put up with her antics!  In related news - we are starting to have to punish you more for hitting her and throwing things at her.  Although we realize you are probably just getting her back for 20 months of torture, we are trying to teach you manners.  You have quite a temper when you get mad - so it's time to teach you to control that anger!

Some of your favorite activities these days are anything ball related (preferably basketball if you have a choice), being outside (sand, swing, slide, trampoline, or just running around), working puzzles (which you are really good at lately), reading books (a Disney storybook with Sofia "Fia" stories), crying for Daddy if he isn't around, stacking things and putting things into buckets, dancing, smiling, crying for me when I leave you at the Y, playing in your play kitchen, and being rocked to sleep.

You seem to learn new words every single day.  Some of my favorite words you say are - please (peas), thank you (cha choo), belly (be-ee), e-i-e-i-o (eieieieieieio), iPad, shoe (multiple times a day - you love shoes - any shoes), outside (ow-shy), paci (pa), that (anything you point at), Elmo (Memo), and more (moe).  You know what sound lots of animals make and can point to your nose, hair, belly, ear, and eye.  You are getting to be a really good jumper and have even jumped with both feet off the ground at the same time a few times.  And you still like to boogie on command!

You love technology and we really have to limit your time or you'd have screen time all day.  You love to play on the iPad - and you can find the videos, find the Monsters University video, and hit play.  It's actually amazing to watch.  You will watch TV if it's on too, specifically you are interested in princess Sofia "Fia" on Disney Junior.  It's funny because these days your sister is all about superheroes!  You like to play in the play tent you got for Christmas and you love to climb all over the place!  You also love, love, love playing on the playground at Bren's preschool when we pick her up on warm afternoons.  I have to watch you carefully because you go straight for the section that is high up and open to try to jump to me.  Raising is a boy is much harder on my nerves than raising a girl!

You have been waking up earlier (about 8) but still sleep over 11 hours at night.  You nap anywhere from 2-4 hours.  You've been eating well at all 3 meals as usual and will even eat meat a little better than you had been for awhile.  There isn't a whole lot you don't like to eat.  You're still wearing mostly 12-18 and 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  Oh, and speaking of diapers - you are practically obsessed with potties these days.  You are probably a long way from potty-training, but you sure like watching other people potty!  HA!

You did have an ear infection a couple weeks ago - so we were referred to an ENT last week.  You are going to have tubes put in your ears this upcoming Friday.  I dread it but am hopeful it will help your recurring ear issues and make you more comfortable.  You also struggled on the hearing test on your left ear - so hopeful this will fix that as well!  We all passed around the stomach bug in January - you had a day where you threw up but then seemed to be better after that.

You spent a week with Neena, Pa Bill, and Nanie while Daddy and I went to California in early February.  You were good for them and they had fun with you.  We missed you so much and were happy to get back to you guys!  Nanie bragged on how well you went to sleep at night - she just laid you down and you put yourself to sleep.

You're a blast.  I probably say "Look at him, he's so cute" to Daddy at least 5 times a day.  I just love being your mommy.

I love you, Spud!
Love, Mommy

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