Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter in the Utility Closet

Easter is here. My first Easter with a son. And how are we celebrating? You know....sitting in a hard chair in the pitch black dark in a utility closet/heater room/possibly something involving a sewer (judging by the smell) room at Jonathan's parents' church holding a sleeping Dav. And blogging. And crying a little knowing I may be missing Brenna's public singing debut upstairs.

But, anyway. If I've ever wondered how much God loves me, it's clear that I'll never understand. I couldn't give this sweet boy up for anything. Especially not to save some sinners who are going to never understand completely. He knew how messed up I'd be and he did it anyway. There is no way I'll ever understand, but I grow more thankful and committed to him every day because of it.

And the tomb was empty! What a sweet, sweet thought.

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